How To Stay Sane With Little to No Social Interaction

How To Stay Sane With Little to No Social Interaction

We’re in our second week of lockdown. Everyone’s required to stay home while the whole nation tries to contain the virus. While this whole situation is stressful and anxiety-ridden for every single one of us, it’s particularly hard for the extroverts.

Sure, the introverts are most probably okay with getting locked down and being required to stay meters away from people, but extroverts are surely suffering from the lack of interaction and physical contact with their friends.

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Extroverts now probably after one week of community quarantine:

If you’re one of those people who thrive from interactions and conversations with loved ones and friends, here are tips on how to stay sane while we all have to stay under the roof of our homes.

Videochat your friends

This is the possibly the best solution to stay mentally healthy while we’re on lockdown. Being apart doesn’t mean we have to cut off connections completely. There are apps such as Zoom, Hangouts, FaceTime, and HouseParty where you can even play games together. This is the time we should be taking advantage of social media more than ever.

Start listening to podcasts

Podcasts are great companions in this time of quarantine, this is especially if you’re living alone. Just leave a podcast playing while you clean your house, take a bath, or wash your dishes and you will instantly feel like you have someone at home with you. 

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Keep exercising

We’ve all heard about it: exercising can keep your mind healthy too. If you feel like you’re about to break because of the isolation, do some yoga. You can also FaceTime your friends and do Pilates together!

Get back into reading

When the news feel overwhelming, take a breather and get lost in fiction. Maybe it’s time to ditch reading Facebook posts and Twitter timelines and get back into reading! Scribd recently gave free access to its library that boasts of over one million ebooks, studies, magazines, and more so there’s literally no excuse anymore.

Try something new

Take care of your mental health by letting your creative juices flow. Try painting, journaling, or what the hell, maybe download TikTok and follow those cute dance routines.

In these times of crisis, don’t forget to keep your mental health in check as well.

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