How To Stay Safe From The Taal Volcano Eruption

How To Stay Safe From The Taal Volcano Eruption

Taal Volcano is located south of the metro, somewhere near a popular destination: Tagaytay. But contrary to what everyone thinks it is actually located in Talisay and San Nicolas, Batangas and not in Tagaytay. It is said to be the second most active volcano in the Philippines! The last recorded eruption of this infamous volcano was in 1977 so it was a surprise when it erupted yesterday, January 12. At 2pm yesterday the volcano started erupting and has gone up to an alert level 4. What does that mean, exactly? It means that the volcano can start erupting lava within days because of its intense and non-stop eruption. And because of this, ash fall has reached Metro Manila. Flights have been cancelled, class and work suspensions have been made and that’s because of the danger this could bring. Ash fall can also be very dangerous to our health. So here are a few things you need to know to be vigilant and for your safety:

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When ash falls on your roof, cars, plants, etc. you will need to dust it off and clean it afterwards. The density of the ash will cause corrosion and put pressure on structures that will result in them collapsing. Don’t just flush out the ash, it will cause blockage in water drainage.


Inhaling ash will damage your lungs big time because of the toxic chemicals that are formed by the volcanic eruption. You might get a cough and feel a shortness in your breath. It is also bad for your eyes because of the corrosive contents of the ash.


Don’t just get any kind of mask! Get the N95 mask, it will fully protect you. We understand that drugstores are running out of them fast! So you can use a damp towel to cover your nose instead of a thinner mask – it is safer. Always wear glasses or protective eyewear too!


In the next few days, we are on high alert. If you are planning on trips to the south, better cancel it for now. Volcano eruptions may cause earthquakes, so be alert at all times. Remember your stop drop and roll protocols. Be ready with a “go bag,” make sure to fill it with light clothing, water, some snacks (something sweet and salty), flashlight, and masks. Make sure to have the local emergency numbers saved on your phone and written down. 


Some additional information too. It may be safer to not use air-conditioning because the filter won’t necessarily shut out the ash. Ash can also cause short circuits so let’s be safe than sorry. Do you know of any tips and precautions we missed out here? Share it with all of us below! Let’s help each other!

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