How To Spend Valentine’s Day On An LDR

How To Spend Valentine’s Day On An LDR

How To Spend Valentine’s Day On An LDR

Getting in a long distance relationship is not a joke. Two people have to both agree if they are able to do it together and always having a choice should always be a topic that both parties have to discuss. Life changing moments happen to us everyday and having an understanding between two people despite the distance is truly what makes this type of setup worth it. Here are a few things you can do this V-day if your SO is not with you! 

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Get The Best Internet

You’ll thank us later for this! Seeing a lot of couples having the chance to spend this day together might be crushing for you and your SO. When you finally get the chance to call them, make sure you have the best connection at the time so no one gets agitated when a call gets cut or dropped. This is the best kept secret of every successful LDR relationship. 


Go On A Skype Date 

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Have a tube-ular summer, wherever you are.

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It’s true when they say this strategy is old but gold! Spending precious communication time with your SO is what anyone truly needs on the day everyone celebrates love. Call them up and talk about the mundane things and you’ll sure put a smile on their face. Time also counts as effort and setting this aside makes for a complete valentine’s day for your special one!


Enjoy 2-Player Video Games

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Have a feeling of being in the arcade with your love and play video games together online. Make sure to log in at the same time and participate in one game. Tag team is always the best when trying to beat opponents around the world. If you are the gamer kind, this is a sweet treat you’ll remember for sure. It’s as if you’re just beside each other!


Get Them A V-day Care Pack

Always make your presence felt! The key to successful LDRs are honestly the moments when you show your partner that you care or are thinking about them! Gifts are the easiest way to get this message across. Get them a e-gift certificate to their favourite restaurant or send them a box of your letters, some tissues for crying, and your favourite romantic movie. Pull their heartstrings even from miles away!


Experience Something Together Online

Everything is literally online now! Attend a yoga class or workout and have that video chat on. It’s just as if you both are working out together. The distance won’t really matter because you are experiencing the same thing and you won’t even have to worry about dinner reservations. You can also have a watch party and see the same movie or series online!


Surprise Them With A Visit 

When you have the budget and schedule for it, surprising them will really be a game changer. Show up at their doorstep with flowers and cute treats and you’ll get all the loving your special one can give. 


Being on an LDR is not so bad especially when you and your partner are dedicated! What’s your LDR Valentine’s date idea? Let us know in the comments below!


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