How To Prepare For Christmas Party Season

How To Prepare For Christmas Party Season

Invitations for Christmas parties are being thrown left and right !

Office Christmas parties! Families and friends! Oh no?! You can’t help but think, when will I get rest? I’ll get fat from all the food! I’ll be probably be broke…. And so on. But with these 5 simple tips you can survive your Christmas parties and enjoy them all!

Get Enough Rest

If you don’t have any parties to attend and have some free nights, SLEEP! You will need a lot of it. So close that Instagram app and put that phone down! You can just scroll through that feed when you get bored at the party you’re attending, right?

Schedule That Workout

The holiday season almost always equal to weight gain from all the feasts! And of course, how can you say no right? Well if you schedule it properly, you can squeeze in a workout or two in a week just to stay fit and healthy despite the holiday rush. We all know how hard it is to start from zero, so let’s be proactive and work those butts off!

Be Part of The Party Planning

Don’t you hate it when two Christmas parties are scheduled at the same time? One solution for that is to be part of the planning! You can plot down all your parties and make sure nothing overlaps. And you know what else? You can be sneaky by trying to make it all near the same areas – so that if ever you can’t help but overlap the dates, you won’t have a horrible time driving through Christmas traffic because locations will be in your favor! LOL!

Budget Wisely

If your parties will be at restaurants or at the club where you’ll just drink all night – set a budget for yourself. Or set one with your group so that you will already know what to order beforehand! We all get broke at the end of Christmas, from these parties and the gifts you need to purchase alongside it. JEEZ! So let’s try to keep track of our budgets to have a little extra money to treat ourselves with a gift.

Mix and Match Clothes

Christmas parties equal to a LOT of photos – always gotta document that party! So of course, as our arte selves, we wouldn’t want the same outfit in most of the photos! The best thing to do is to have different tops and bottoms that you can mix and match so that even if you repeat the skirt, the top is different and vice versa. It’s all about using what you have and styling it differently. Bring out that inner fashionista in you!

We hope these tips help you enjoy your parties! How do you survive Christmas party season? Share it below!

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