How To Pamper Yourself While on Lockdown

How To Pamper Yourself While on Lockdown

Apart from grocery shopping, working, and keeping up to date with which hospital is in need of donations, it’s important to take care of yourself as well during lockdown. Not only will it help you relax amidst news cycles that seem to change every minute, but it’ll help you become more comfortable with what’s certainly an uncomfortable time for all of us to be in. 


Here are the different ways you can sit back and pamper yourself even while on lockdown:


Switch up your skincare routine. 

Staying home all day can cause your skin to dry or form new blemishes. On your next trip to the grocery, choose items you don’t normally use to rejuvenate your skin with new combinations. 


Moisturize with lotion every morning and evening. 

This is another great way to make sure your skin looks great, even if you’re just at home! 


Stretch and massage yourself frequently even while working. 

Working from home can be just as tiring as working at the office. Take massage breaks whenever you need it and make sure to stretch to avoid cramps. 


Cook what you’re craving for. 

Has watching K-Dramas got you craving for korean noodles? Or maybe you’re in the mood for guilty pleasures like fried chicken and pasta? Reward yourself after lining up at the grocery by making your favorite meals! 


Read or watch something once a day that isn’t related to COVID-19. 

Whether it be a new anime series or that book you kept putting off for so long, stick to a routine that puts your mind at ease and temporarily relieves you from thinking about the pandemic 24/7. After all, you still gotta keep sane even while social distancing.


Sweat out those toxins via quick workouts. 

Make sure to choose workouts that don’t tire you out too much so you can commit to doing them every other day, or even daily! Make sure to check out online resources such as FB live sessions and free workout apps to get a healthy routine going. 

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