How To Maximize Each Element Season According To Your Zodiac Sign

How To Maximize Each Element Season According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aside from the usual horoscope, there’s more than one way to predict if it’s “your season” or not. A lot of it is based on nature and how the natural elements work together. Each star sign has a natural element connected to it (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind) and that is usually your core strength. During that season, you’re also generally lucky. Example: If this month is Gemini, an air sign, other air signs will also be generally lucky this time (a.k.a. Aquarius and Libra). 

With 12 signs and 4 elements, there are three signs under each element, this is called a triplicity. The three signs under a triplicity are like siblings, they’re united in strong during each other’s element. Each triplicity also has allies, passive friends, and enemies. Just like nature, there are elements that kill each other, meaning you will have a bad time on each other’s month. 

Simply put: Earth and Water Go together because they nourish each other. Water and Fire Don’t go together because they kill each other out. Fire and Air compliment each other because fire is amplified with air and air helps fire spread. Here’s how all the elements work together and (sadly) not work together!


Air Season

Triplicity: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Blest: Fire Elements 

Deadly for: Earth Season

So-So: Water Season

Out of all the elements, Air is invisible but also essential to all of the elements. Fire wouldn’t exist without Air, Water won’t move without air, and the Earth wouldn’t be livable without air. For those in the triplicity of the Air element, if you want to get noticed, double time during fire season. If you want to relax, flow with the Water season. Getting things done in the Earth season won’t get you far as it’s far more study than you. 


Earth Season 

Triplicity: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Blest: Water Seasoners 

Deadly for: Fire Seasoners 

So-so: Air Seasoners 

For those in the Earth season, expect extra inspiration and motivation come the water seasons but also expect misfortune come fire season. Come the fire season, you’ll be uneasy and “consumed”. Fire overpowers and can destruct your element easily! The Air season is the right time for your to relax and cool down.


Fire Season 

Triplicity: Aries, Leo, Saguittarius

Blest: Air Seasoners

Deadly for: Water Seasoners

So-So: Earth Seasoners

Fire signs are usually the time to blaze a trail, it’s a passion are season and that’s exactly what to expect from people in this sign: extremely passionate firestarters. How to make your tiny flame stronger? Get shit done during air season because you amplify each other. You can also easily overpower Earth season, so that’s an okay time for you, just make sure you don’t burn everyone along the way. Water season is your weakness, obvs! Lie low during water season because it can extinguish your flame! 


Water Season 

Triplicity: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Blest: Earth Season

Deadly for: Fire Season

So-So: Air Season

Your element is generally slow moving, it’s relaxed and generally refreshing and nourishing. Come Air season, expect to get moving! The air will assist you on getting a move on. The Earth season is also a great time to work and get stuff done, you’ll be a key collaborator in making things bloom and grow. However, come fire season, lie low. Fire can easily make you boil and evaporate, yikes! 

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