How to Marie Kondo Your Relationships

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How to Marie Kondo Your Relationships

Marie Kondo’s philosophy is pretty simple and you’ve heard of it already: always ask yourself if it sparks joy. If yes, keep it. If no, throw it away or donate it. If it’s so easy to throw away clothes you barely use, paper that’s just piling up dust, and home pieces that are filled with bad memories, it should be easier to remove the toxic partners in our life. NOT.

Let’s admit it. You know he/she is no good for you but you choose to keep him/her in your life because you already have an emotional attachment to it. It’s like keeping a pair of shoes with holes and unremovable stains on it, what’s the point? Here’s how you can declutter those nega people in your life!

Does He/She Spark Joy?

Let’s see… You love hanging out with him/her but you’re confused about the “relationship” most of the time. You stress out about your non-exclusivity when its supposed to be a no-strings relationship… Hmm…

Tidy by Category

This rule not only applies to your current fuckbuddy or almost-relationship. You can also look at your work relationships, your frenemies, and your toxic titas/titos and other relatives! Keep only the relationships that nurture you and bring you joy.

Put Things Where They Belong

If you found this person online and all you get is stress and negativity, leave them there. Put them back where they belong and that is not in your life!


Sis, can we be real with you? If you’re thinking that your buddy will eventually grow feelings for you when it’s been a year, you’re not doing yourself a favor! Remember that dress you got on sale but it’s two sizes smaller than your size and you tell yourself you’ll workout to fit in it? Yea, that will never happen and neither will your relationship with this piece of clutter.

Know That You Don’t Deserve Trash

If your fuccboi is treating you like a second option or a way to pass time hear this: we all deserve the best and nothing less. Know that you’re worth a box of really good champagne and not boxed wine!

Can You Not Start Cluttering Up Your Life In The First Place

Boys and girls, prevention is better than cure. If you don’t see yourself with said person in the future then just call it quits. You know you’re just signing up for trouble. Better yet, just wear a condom on your heart and you’ll be fine once the whole thing blows over.

Letting Go Of Clutter Is Never A Loss

Remember that the whole point of decluttering is to make space for the new and better things coming in your life in the future. So letting go of trash to make-way for more blessings is obviously a good move!

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