If you’re dreading to spend Holy Week marinating on your couch in crippling solitude, well, neither do we. Here’s a quick last-minute guide to help you make the most out of the long weekend.

Go for a drive

The only time EDSA will ever be deserted is on two occasions: a Pacquiao fight or a holiday. With people going out of town for Holy Week, driving won’t be a bitch (at least for a couple of days). When you can practically lie across EDSA during holidays, why not put a good driving playlist on and go for a nice cruise? 

Throw a movie marathon

Did your squad totally forget to make plans for the holidays? Put your Netflix subscription to good use and chill with a marathon of your favourite shows or movies. Maybe the Passion of Christ if you’re looking to stay in-theme.

Catch up on some #gainz 

If you’ve been slacking off on your workout regime, now’s the time to get back into it if you want to get fit by your next Tali trip or #Laboracay. That’s not even counting all the restorative effects yoga and meditation bring you at this time of quiet and reflection. Roll off your yoga mat and relish the peace from the city and the madding crowd the Holy Week break brings you. Your body “” and sanity “” will thank you later.

Check in at a hotel

Okay, if you really don’t want to stay at home and don’t mind shelling out extra cash, check in at a hotel and go do whatever you’d normally do at home””but in luxury. You (probably) deserve it.

Take a dip at Pool Club

Who says the long weekend has to be boring? If you’re looking to make the most out of the holidays, come on over to Palace Pool Club and take your staycation game up a notch. Have a frozen drink to beat the heat, grab some rays or take a dip into our pool and just relax””it’s better than staying home doing nothing if you ask us.

(For further staycation, summer-in-the-metro details, check out the schedule of The Palace for the Holy Week break below)