How To Make Adulting More Convenient

How To Make Adulting More Convenient

How To Make Adulting More Convenient

Adulting can take up most of our time especially on weekends, our only time for r&r. In order to save you from losing your precious free time to just errands, we’ve compiled some life hacks to make our experience more convenient.


Laundry Shops

Some shops do drop-off and pick-up and the other you can do by just pressing a button or swiping your card. It also makes your clothes drying easier because their dryers have a heating system. Careful not to put clothes that might shrink but this option is the best way to clean your clothes in just an hour!


Online Banking

One of the most powerful things ever invented after social media. Yep we mean that. Paying your bills while you are sipping wine or having afternoon tea is so trouble free when you setup your online banking. Having that extra time not stuck in traffic or lining up at the bank saves you more time for great memories!


Car Pooling/Point-To-Point Buses

Not only is it environment friendly, having a designated driver when you drink is also safe and less hassle for you.  Point to Point Buses also bring you to one place for very little cost and you get the luxury of having two seats to yourself almost all of the time. Fun right?



Always keep a powerbank in your bag! Nights out involve so many instagram stories, calling your friends to find your table, and taking lots of photos to document. Having an extra charge and battery anytime you might need it is essential and helps the fun go all night long!


Shoe Cleaning Service 

Be free wherever you go and don’t worry about your designer bags having it colours faded or your shoes looking like a mess. Have the liberty to go anywhere rain or shine while still looking chic and classy! The Grail offers 3 types of deep cleaning that suits any of your sneaker or bag maintenance needs.  Their All Around Cleaning package even features a freshener and a protector perfect for the rainy days ahead!



after Deep Cleaning

Aside from their cleaning services, they can Repaint, Restore, Reglue, and even customize your pairs for you. Literally, they want to bring life to your favourite worn out sneakers. If you get their Premium Membership, you can enjoy perks such as 5 free Premium Deep Cleanings, (3) vouchers for 40% off that you can share with your friends, and 10% off on regluing, and repainting. 

Since they opened their first branch in December 2018, they have expanded their services and to other locations! You can now find them at B1, Uptown Residences, in BGC. 


Sounds like a treat right? 

How do you keep your life convenient? Share with us in the comments below!

Featured image grabbed from Anna Kendrick’s instagram page (@annakendrick47)

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