Ah, February. The love month. The month of romance and all things sappy. But not everyone is happily together with someone or is happily single. Most of the time, we’re just stuck and left clueless about how to love and what to do with it. And sometimes, even the very thought, or smell of February induces allergic (read: ~violent~) reactions for some.

So whether you’re lucky (or sawi) in love, (struggling a.k.a. trying to be) happily single, or maybe just a plain old Bitter Ocampo who shouts “Magbe-break din kayo!” to every couple that passes by, here are a few of nuggets of wisdom from our resident Hugot Amazona Kween and warrior, Angelica Panganiban. She sure knows a thing or two about love.

Here are some of the ways to survive and learn how to love (again) as best told by Angelica, served of course with a touch of her signature flavor of hugot:

On finding happiness”¦

And when your happiness means being selfless and putting the happiness of others in front of yours.

On finally moving on, positively

Why you need to let go of all the negativity and focus on yourself.

On how to be a decent human being (a.k.a. don’t be a homewrecker)

Because apparently, this isn’t stressed enough. (Louder for those in the back!)

Why it’s more fun with a bit of mystery #BeAPabebe

Yes, a little pakipot can be fun and can go a looooong way. It’s all about the chase, baby!

And when simply love conquers all

When “Eh, mahal mo eh,” is all the motivation you need.

All the love advice you’ll need based on your favorite Pinoy romcom movie

From how to be proper #Abanger, romance in the workplace, what your ex’s place in your life is, to what to do with cheaters, and when we know you’re stubborn AF and whatever we say, you’ll just end up loving him anyway.

And with that, we hope that you learned a thing or two about how to love responsibly. Also have friends who need love advice? Comment down below what you think is the advice that best works for them! (Help a sawi soul and send them the link as well!)