How to Kung Hei Fat Choi the Right Way

How to Kung Hei Fat Choi the Right Way

It seems only yesterday when we celebrated the entry of 2019 and now here we are celebrating the Chinese New Year! This year we’re celebrating the year of the pig, people born in this year are said to be energetic and have a beautiful personality. Pigs have long symbolized wealth and abundance in Chinese tradition, thus, people who are born in this year category are naturally lucky.

This 2019 we enter the year of the Earth Pig, it’s alliances are the people born in the year of the Tiger, Rabbit, and Goat. Here’s some tips for you to enter the Year of the Pig lucky af!

Make Some Noise!

Fireworks are a huge part of Chinese tradition for a reason, they’re loud and bright and bad energy hates those things! Instead of lighting firecrackers, turn the volume up with some feel good music! If you have some noise makers (like pans and hornpipes), make sure to make some noise in the nooks and crannies of your home. This is where the negativity hides.

Open Up

Doors and windows should be opened to let the bad energy in your home go away and for the good energy to come in! Also, turn up all the lights so the energies don’t have a hard time navigating through your home. P.S. It’s also good to Marie Kondo your home before the new year so you leave the past in the last year!

Wear the Right Outfit!

Pineapple print shirts for luck, brand new red underwear for a booming love life, and more lucky clothing tips here! Also, yes! Get that haircut before the clock strikes 12!

Serve Circles and Sweets!

Tikoy goes beyond your usual sweet craving! Chinese people believe that eating something sweet and sticky on the new year will bring you tremendous luck! One more good reason to ditch your diet 😉

Hang Up

Invest in red lanterns and place them in front of your home. However, you must do so in pairs and never in odd numbers. This is meant to symbolize solidarity and will bring your family good fortune. You can also place a red lantern with a red tassel by your work area or wherever you conduct your finances for $$$! You can also place a bowl of 8 oranges or 8 red apples on your dining table for abundance!


This green stone has been known to bring prosperity and joy beyond the Chinese New Year. Place it near the kitchen or your work space.

Lucky Colors This 2019

Since this is the earth pig, natural and neutral colors reign supreme. Namely: yellow, gray, and brown!

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