How to Know if You’re Dating a Creeper

How to Know if You’re Dating a Creeper

If you’ve watched Netflix’ ‘You’, you would know that Joe Goldberg looked like a totally nice guy. And can we just please mention that Penn Badgley not only looks hot af, he also plays the role perfectly. However, he was a total creep and our leading lady didn’t even know!

Your safety and happiness should always be placed first, boys and girls. There are a ton of other fish who will take care of you like the king/queen you truly are. So, here are some signs to know if you’re actually dating a creep.

No respect for your time

We all want someone to ask how our day was, someone we can spend time with, etc. However, a creeper wouldn’t want you to hang out with your friends, let you overtime at work, or even spend time with your fam. A creeper wouldn’t consider that you have a life outside of your relationship with him/her and punishes you for having one! We don’t need someone keeping us from living our best life, thank you, next!

Ditch the Douches

It’s true when they say you can tell someone’s character by the way they treat janitors, waiters, and other service workers. If your date treats people with no respect and feels like he/she is better than everyone, you’re in for a loooooong run, honey!

He/she is too aggressive

I had a friend who once dated a guy who would punch walls and couches when he couldn’t get what he wanted. Physically violent people are the ones you should stay away from. You can give them love and deal with them but you don’t want to be a punching bag. Again: Your. Safety. Comes. First.

Jealous over anyone

We all have trust issues to some extent but if you don’t trust your partner, nothing good will come out of your relationship. If he/she always assumes you’re a cheating ass even if you aren’t, talk about how you don’t feel comfortable with that. If it goes on, that is toxic af. Get out of there NOW.

Doesn’t share things
While people are allowed to share their inner secrets and stories at their own time, it’s alarming if your partner doesn’t open up to you about a lot of things. Knowing someone is one of the best parts of loving someone. I they don’t open up, they are either a) hiding something or b) don’t trust you. And neither of which are good.

Find yourself dating a creeper? GET OUT NOW! You can help your datee all you can but at the end of the day, you have to help yourself first! If Heart Evangelista can let go of Jericho Rosales, we can all move on!

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