How To Keep Your Cool In Stressful Situations

How To Keep Your Cool In Stressful Situations

How To Keep Your Cool In Stressful Situations

It’s just a few days until the new year and everyone is feeling the buzz. In any season, keeping your cool in any situation is a must. For all those dinner reunions, exchange gifts, and salubongs that you have planned, we came up with a few tips on how you can combat the upcoming year! 

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Keep Your Powerbank Charged

Having extra battery always works also for any season. Knowing that you will always have a backup wherever you may go or whatever you might be doing helps in lessening the anxiety of any event that you are preparing for. This is one of the best advice!


Pre-Plan Everything

Doing things ahead of time saves you the trouble of panicking and impulsive decisions. Plan your gifts, travels, outfits, early on so you can be in the moment every time. Doing this helps you accommodate any last minute changes and prepares you for for the occasion. We have tried this ourselves and it works!



You can never trust Manila weather and it is still too hot most of the time. Sometimes, your social plans can stress you out and annoy you. For those days you need to chill, spray  an Axe Ice Chill to keep your cool. Battle the heat with this light and fresh spray that can cool your skin by up to 11 degrees celsius. It’s like the North Pole breeze in a bottle. It’s worth a try!


Breathing Exercises

Start a habit of breathing slowly and counting to 4 when you inhale and when you exhale. Practice doing this 3 times every time you feel triggered, attacked, or stressed, by anyone or everyone. Being calm in situations puts you in the right headspace and helps you think clearly for your next steps. You’ll never know unless you try. 


Hydrate & Snack 

You feel your emotions more when you are hungry or thirsty. Don’t let this get the best of you and always have a snack and a glass of water before you go anywhere or ready for you in your bag. You could be stuck in traffic on the way to the party or dinner. It also helps in boosting your appetite so you can go on that second round. Trust us, this is our secret!


Find out more on how keep your cool with Axe here! Check out their facebook page so you can stay updated on their latest products and fun activities!

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