Had you not been under house arrest for the past week, you may have noticed something very serious about Manila. SOBRANG INIT! The sun’s at that perfect position to give us that fresh-off-the-beach glow, but sadly we’re not all out splashing about in Amanpulo like Heart Evangelista or Lovi Poe. Instead, we’re living it up in the city, trying to overcome these dry lips and dizzy spells. That’s why you need to drink up.

The problem? Drinking eight glasses of water like the doctor recommends is hard to keep down. Some think water has s funky mineral taste, and others think it’s just too tasteless. So what can you drink to keep you hydrated in this #InitAF weather?

Welcome back the BJs

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You know what they say. A BJ a day keeps your thirst at bay. Now mind out of the gutter, you won’t be needing a partner for this, because nobody likes sharing buko juice. If your fave restaurant serves it straight from the source, at least you can pretend you’re enjoying on a white sand beach instead of suffering in Makati.

Get juicy with the fruity

We already know we should veer away from salty pretzels and lean towards juicy fruits, so why not take a bunch and toss it in a blender? Pineapples, watermelons, and kiwis are all known to hydrate you, so turn your afternoon snackage to a quick trip with to Jamba Juice.

Sip on that tea

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I guess we’ll be here sipping tea from the side while you make a fool of yourself. No need to throw shade, keep things flowing with iced teas that’ll keep you chill. From matcha milkshakes, to milk teas, to the classic iced green tea, the option for these are literally everywhere, so you can quench your thirst on the go!

Cheers, I’ll drink to that

Let’s think about this like smart people. Salt has the power to dehydrate you. So stop being salty and choose your booze wisely. Step away from the salt rimmed margaritas and say hello to the tropical flavors of a Piña Colada or a refreshing mojito. While alcohol’s known to dehydrate you in excess, you won’t be able to resist from slipping a shot or two of Malibu.

 Suck it up, sip on water

At the end of the day there’s no way to get around drinking water. Unlike other drinks, there’s no sugar, salts, or even calories. You’ve probably heard an endless amount of people rave on about how drinking water is important. It is. You could go about without eating for a couple of days but if you held back on the water, oh man. Force yourself to down a glass if you don’t want to die.


We weren’t kidding when we said you’d feel sick throughout the day if you don’t hydrate enough. Simply putting it, we just won’t be working at our best. So grab a glass, drink up, and forget the summer heat. You’ll also be working wonders for your skin! What’s your favorite way to cool down? Tell us in the comments below!