It’s back to school season and y’all know what that means: shopping for new school stuff! Kick off another fun year of studies, friends and stalking your crush in between classes and make heads turn when you strut through the hallways with some super cute pieces from SM Accessories! Here’s our selects for some of the most common personalities in class:

For the Class President

Tan leather handbag with bling by SM Accessories, PHP 749.75

The busiest person in class, the class president is always running around doing errands for classmates and teachers. Show up to your next org meeting with this cool leather handbag that’s stylish without being distracting. Plus it can carry your phone, keys and other essentials when your hands are full!

For the Student Athlete

Color combination headbands by SM Accessories, PHP 149.75

Who says student athletes can’t accessorize? You may not like super eye-catching pieces, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t mind sporting something cute during volleyball practice. Keep your hair out of your face with these cute headbands!

For the Rocker Girl

Black and beige leather sling bags by SM Accessories, PHP 599.75

School just isn’t your thing and most of the time, you’d rather listen to MCR or Avenged Sevenfold. Usually found at the back of the class jamming with your guitar during break, the rocker just DGAF. Channel what you’re all about with these sling bags in black or beige!

For the Crush Ng Bayan

Old rose leather sling bag by SM Accessories, PHP 799.75

Wherever you go, everybody’s attention is on you. Seniors will try to ask you out while freshmen will worship the ground you walk on. Morning teachers kinda hate your guts because you’re always late, but you know it’s because it takes you an hour to look this good everyday. Here’s a fetch leather sling bag in Regina George pink to match your personality.

For the Budding Artist

Multi-purpose assorted prints turban by SM Accessories, PHP 149.75

Budding artists are some of the first people to get develop great taste in art, music and fashion which, most of the time, only your fellow artists understand (most people are such sheep, tbh). Your parents lowkey want you to get “an actual career” but you know you’ll never be happy doing anything else. Unleash your inner creativity with these printed turbans you can wear two ways!

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