Okay, so let’s start things off on a serious note: it’s time to let go. The world goes on, life goes on, that’s just how it works. You can’t keep muttering under your breath how they’re going to break up every time a couple walks past you or cringe at every bouquet you see come Valentine’s. You have to get over the pain someday, right?

I know, I know. It’s easier said than done. You got burnt by love and it’s not an easy feat to simply get over all the hurt. Luckily, the /ESCAPE team’s got your back and has rounded up ways that can help you jumpstart your journey to your very own “Project Me,” a.k.a. moving on and finally getting over being bitter about love.

Here are a few ways you can finally let go of all the hurt and get over your Bitter Ocampo ways.

Pinoy rom-com binge

If you’re not the Pinoy RomCom watching type, you’re definitely missing out on A LOT. More often than not, you’ll find yourself relating to a lot of the characters. Just try it. I’m pretty sure you’ll start spitting some One More Chance or Starting Over Again lines that encapsulates how you feel.

Ugly cry

If you haven’t already, or you think it wasn’t enough, go ahead, honey. Allow yourself to grieve and accept the fact that shit happened and it’s over. Crying will help you unload all that weight. It’ better than keeping it all bottled up anyway.

Cathartic karaoke

Nothing says more than getting over that good for nothing ex of yours and finally asking Tita Whitney “where do broken hearts go” than by belting out a few notes, cracked voice, tears, and all. I think Before I let You Go by Freestyle would be a fine song selection. #BitiwNaBes

Getting lost

Soul searching in a foreign land. The classic way of finding yourself. Although moving on doesn’t necessarily mean for you to spend your savings and running off to another country for an /ESCAPE, it’s more being able to learn more and reconnect with yourself in a completely different environment that won’t remind you of him at every turn.

Trying new hobbies

Repeat after me: self-development! The best way to get your mind off all the hurt is to focus your attention somewhere else, more preferably something you weren’t familiar with before. Try painting, photography, pottery, maybe even video games? You get over your ex PLUS acquire a new skill. Sounds good to me!

Get sexy AF

Best way to get over him is to feel sexy, not for anyone else, but for you! Exercising will give you endorphins, hence making you feel better as a human being. And won’t it feel good once he sees that you’re doing so much better than when you were together? (Or at least sexier than the one he replaced you with? Ooooohh, yaaas, I went there!)

Go out and party!

And a sure fire way to get your mind off of that ex of yours? Go out and party! Gather the girl friends and head on over to Revel. So let’s get you moving! Get out there and live your life…again! It’s really not worth spending your time on. And while you’re at it, leave all of the things you want to tell your ex in the comments section below and finally, let go.