How to Flirt: 2019 Edition

How to Flirt: 2019 Edition

It’s not like flirting was ever taught in high school. Thus, when we all grew up and started hitting the bars, no one really knows what to do when you see someone you’re attracted to. Here’s a beginner’s guide to flirting in the 21st century!

DON’T: Throw Compliments Everywhere

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Why? One: you’ll look desperate. Two: You’ll just sound plain creepy! You can have give two compliments in one night, that’s all you get. One compliment is your conversation starter, your cold call “hello”. The second one is in case you run out of things to say, consider this one a reserve.

DO: Smile, First

Don’t come up to the person and be all over them instantly. You have to check if this person is actually interested in you. Look at the guy/girl and check if they smile back at you. If they roll their eyes at you, roll away with it!

DON’T: Blabber About Yourself

Give some information about you so you don’t look like a creep who has no life. Basic stuff, interesting stories, but don’t hoard the spotlight. If you like this other person, let them do part of the talking.  

DO: Talk About Something Trending

There’s a reason why we dish out the hottest news here on /ESCAPE, it’s so you can have something to talk about! Be in the loop with the latest movies, juicy celebrity gossip, and anything that’s taking over everyone’s news feeds because chances are, that other person knows about it, too! Ask their opinion on it, what they think of the film vs. the book, etc. Trending topics are a must-know to break the ice!

DO: Ask Questions

How will you start a friendship with someone you have no idea about? You ask questions about their day, their outfit, anything about them that isn’t a yes or no question. Make questions that need a follow-up or need explaining. The simplest thing in a bar to ask: What are you drinking? Gives you a sneak-peek into their personality/it’s a good conversation starter!

DO: Feel the Vibe

It’s true when they say that a person’s vibe can be more telling than what he/she says. People give off a certain vibe, if they give you some nega vibes even after 5 whole minutes of you initiating conversation, it’s time to scat! That person is not interested.

DON’T: Ask for His/Her Number

It’s the 21st century, kids. Phone numbers are a little too confidential, social media handles on the other hand, are not. Tell them you’ll follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Save Facebook for another day, when things are going really well.

Do: Be Decent

Three things: Don’t be a dick, don’t be a creep, don’t be a perv. Just remember these rules and you’ll be a-okay! Read more on how not to be a creep here.

DON’T: Expect skin contact

Again, welcome to the 21st century where personal space is a thing. While other sources will tell you to touch the other person a bit “accidentally”, that is not the way to go. Touching any part of their body is weird. You’re just an acquaintance, WHO U to touch them at this point?! Respect their space and hopefully you guys can be friends.

Do you have flirting tips of your own? Comment them down below!

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