How To Dress For Cold Weather Vogue Style

How To Dress For Cold Weather Vogue Style

Holiday getaways are a few weeks away and we are excited! Some of y’all are going to hit the beach while some will probably be in places with cold cold weather. Coming from a tropical country, it stresses me out when I hear that my light jacket just won’t do! Personally, I live by the beach so all my clothing are for sunny sunny days. But how can we still use those types of clothing and just add a few thick sweaters/coats here and there and be fashionable AF for that vacation gram!

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Sleek Black Coat


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A sleek black coat will go with anything! But I’m sure you have an all black outfit somewhere in your closet. So put it all together and you got a chic ensemble that will turn you into a headturner on the streets.


Dopest Pair of Shoes

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Boots are great! But you don’t have to let go of those comfy sneakers you love! Winter wear dressed down with some dope sneaks is a major fashion statement. A lil bit girly and a lil bit sporty and very IG worthy! 

Mix and Match Summer Wear with Winter Wear

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Who says you can’t wear those summer dresses? Buy heat tech or a sweater that will match your dresses and LAYER LAYER LAYER! 

Cute Head-wear

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You gotta protect your head with the cold wind! Keyword: Beanies! Super street wear meets fashion statement. 


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A bag that will accent your muted colored outfit and a thick long scarf you can wrap around your neck and will complete that ensemble surely does the trick as to how to travel with just one coat and just accessorize it as you go. 

Where are you headed to this Christmas and New Year? Share it with us below!

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