How to Deal with Kids Who Are Younger and More Successful Than You

How to Deal with Kids Who Are Younger and More Successful Than You

Thanks to the internet, kids who make more money than you are no longer limited to child stars. Kids unboxing toys and testing out makeup are rampant on Youtube and we can only begin thinking about the Instagram babies who are getting more likes in one post than your total annual likes. Don’t even get us started on how much these kids get paid for sponsored posts.

Meanwhile, you’re working your ass off, doing overtime and you can’t even get out of your parent’s house #SAME #SadReactsOnly. It’s so easy to compare yourself to Kylie Jenner who’s a billionaire (self-made or not) at 21 while you’re here, happy enough just to make it to payday alive. How do we deal with people younger than us and are totally more successful than us?


Some Of Us Are Late Bloomers

Stan Lee didn’t make his first comic until he was 39 and Vera Wang only entered fashion when she was 40. Momofuku Ando, the guy who created instant noodles, also discovered instant noodles when he was 40ish! Your great moment under the sun just might be otw and you shouldn’t worry about it! Maybe your great invention, your lifelong passion is yet to hit you in the head. No pressure! No one is rushing you, if they are, don’t listen to them.


Take Notes

Want to live life like these kids? DO IT! These kids made it big because they’re just doing what they want to. They’re doing something they’re passionate about and something they’re good at and that’s why they’re such a natural online. They’re not pretending to like what they’re doing and that’s the secret to a truly happy life!


You’ll Have Your Time

You have to accept that these kids might have hit the jackpot early, but they haven’t met the hell that is called your quarter-life crisis. Right now, life requires you to get the most basic shit together. Bills, moving out, getting promoted, getting a job? That’s a lot of stuff to sort out first and that’s okay! You can prioritize your survival as an adult first before anything else and there’s nothing wrong with that! Achieve your dreams once you’ve sorted the major stuff out or do both at the same time if you can!


It’s Never in the Likes

If you still haven’t watched Black Mirror’s Nosedive episode, you should watch it right now. No one is grading your Instagram and it’s not like you’ll die because of 10 likes. Stay away from the ‘Gram if you keep on getting jealous of these kids who are giving you major “I’m so unaccomplished, I’m a failure” vibes. However, sort your personal shit out because they are not attacking you. Here’s a guide on how you shouldn’t base your self-worth on IG likes.


These kids can’t drink

Among other things, these kids can’t do a lot of what we “adults” can’t. When you’re hitting an “I’m not good enough” rut, a good round of mojitos can always help turn that frown into a night you won’t forget! Being an adult has so many perks like going out, going on road trips, and you shouldn’t forget that!

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