How To Deal When You And Your Ex Are In The Same Barkada

How To Deal When You And Your Ex Are In The Same Barkada

There are a few life events more awkward than breaking things off with someone you used to love, but the intense kind of awkwardness that comes with your ex being in the same barkada seems almost impossible to deal with. How exactly do you go about hanging out with your solid group of friends with your ex in the way? 


Here are a bunch of ways you can deal with being in the same barkada as your ex:


Decide if you still want to be close with your ex or not. 

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t impossible to remain close with your ex, especially if you were once best friends. Knowing where you stand with them will help you navigate where you stand with the rest of your group as well. 


If you and your ex are on speaking terms, talk about how you can still hang out with the same group. 

Can the both of you still hang out with them at the same time? Would it be better if you see them separately for a while? It may be a difficult conversation to have, but talking things out is much better than leaving it all up in the air.


Value your own personal space.

No matter how cool you may or may not be with your ex, every breakup is painful for both parties. Definitely take some time away for yourself to recuperate and focus on your own goals. 


Schedule hangouts with friends outside your immediate circle.

It makes sense to create some space between you and your immediate barkada first while you’re sorting everything out. Don’t forget that you have a wider circle of friends outside who got your back and can help you heal.


Don’t loudly discuss your dating life to your barkada with your ex present.

It may be tempting to brag a little, especially if the breakup was pretty bad. But the courteous thing would be to try to make sure everything is as comfortable for everyone as possible. Your ex is still part of your friend group after all. 


That being said, wait a while before introducing a new S.O. to your barkada.

Give it a few months before you can ask if you can bring a new beau on the next hangout. Things should’ve settled down with you and your ex then. And if not, you should still introduce your S.O. to your friends. They’re bound to be a bigger (and hopefully, better) part of your life after all, and your ex simply has to accept this.

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