How To Care For Curly Hair

How To Care For Curly Hair

How To Care For Curly Hair


It’s a new day and age where many Filipinas are now more confident in flaunting their curly hair. We all grew up in a world where hair rebonding is like getting a wax, and hair treatments are always gearing towards straightening. We didn’t say that anything is bad with having straight hair but embracing your curls and kinks is total work! Check out these tips on how to maintain your locks:



A term coined by hairstylist Lorraine Massey, co-washing simply means washing your hair with conditioner. If you are a CG (curly girl) like me, a way to protect your crowning glory from damages is to regularly wash with just conditioner. You may wash your hair with shampoo once a week, and do co-washing for the rest of the day.


Brush it while it’s damp

While this method works differently for each type of her, combing your hair should always be done while its damp. Once your hair dries, you are forbidden to touch that thing unless you want to end up looking like your old elementary self.



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Nirvana Salam got maximum definition as well as shiny voluminous curls after using our DIFFUSER. Who’s curious to know @vananaa_ hair routine? Answer with “I do” in the comments below! حصلت نيرڤانا سلام على تجعيدات محددة ولامعة وكثيفة بعد استخدام الديفيوزر الخاص بنا! من يريد معرفة روتين شعر نيرڤانا؟ أجب بنعم في التعليقات أدناه! #TheHairAddict #HairAddictDiffuser #naturalhairproducts #hairdiffuser#curlyhairtools #diffuser #madeinegypt #curlyhair #healthyhair #teamnatural#curls #standyournaturalground #definition #definedcurls #naturalhairproductstore #productjunkie #goodhairday #hairdiffuserrocks #collapsiblediffuser

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If you want your curls to be formed and have more body, always use a diffuser when you dry. Not only does it define them, it helps give that extra bounce you see in those hair product commercials.



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For those of you who aren’t interested in solid haircare – I have a great cream conditioner for you! This is the Alaffia Coconut & Ginger Coconut Lime Conditioner. This conditioner is loaded with great ingredients like ginger extract, coconut oil, shea butter and coconut water. It’s a thin, creamy consistency that spreads easily in the hair. It comes in a pump bottle (a giant 32 oz. for $15!) and I find I need 5-6 pumps for the ends of my hair. I need a bit more than some conditioners because of the thinner texture. The magic of this conditioner happens once it’s washed off. I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous at how tangled my hair felt when I got out of the shower. However I combed through it, put a little leave-in on and allowed it to air dry. Y’all my hair was so soft!! My waves were beautifully pronounced and had very minimal frizz. The main factor that blew me away was how hydrated my ends felt – they weren’t dry and crunchy like they often feel. My hair stayed moisturized and 90% frizz free the next two days until I needed to wash my hair again. The formula says it’s ultra-hydrating for normal to dry hair and that’s definitely true. Because of the lightweight formula I think this would be good for any hair types. I also like that I can put it on the rest of my hair when it’s feeling dull/dried out and it won’t make my scalp super oily. I’ve been really impressed by everything I’ve tried from Alaffia, and I love that everything is cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, non-GMO and fair trade. Plus they help with a ton of empowerment projects in Togo, West Africa! What more could you ask for from a brand? Have you tried anything from Alaffia? Do you want to? Let me know!💝

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To keep my hair in place, I always use Kukui Nut oil. Compatibility is key. You must find the perfect serum/cream/oil for your hair so it’s always shiny, protected from the sun, and soft.


Silk Cap

An investment worth having, having a silk night cap on your head when you sleep helps you keep your mop frizz free. You can just re-style your hair by putting the curls in place for the next day. Saves you water, electricity, and time!


Having trouble maintaining your kinky curls? We have some more tips up in our sleeve. Tell us in the comments below your tried and tested hair hacks!

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