How to Become a Tipid Traveler

How to Become a Tipid Traveler

There is a little bit of a wanderer in everyone

But we got to face it, adventures aren’t cheap! *sobs* Although, with some good saving skills and a solid travel plan, we can fit our budgets to whichever place we want to travel to. And maybe, with this we can squeeze more travels in a year! Here are just some tips on how to travel cheap:

Look our for Seat Sales ahead!

If you are always daydreaming about traveling, We’re pretty sure you already have a list of destinations in mind. So when a seat sale comes up, we suggest, that you call your friends ASAP and book your tickets to your next adventure! You have to be patient though, because you have to look at different date options to find the cheapest ticket out and of course, system glitches will occur. Up for a solo travel? Just book it! Chances are you won’t find that cheap ticket again and the price of a non-seat sale ticket might just take off some budget from accommodation and other expenses. We don’t want that now, do we?!

Cheap and Chic Accommodation

If you are looking for cheap rooms to stay in, it doesn’t have to be an ugly room! There are actually cute and chic accommodations wherever you go, just search search search! Glamping in Siquijor? Hostels in Taiwan? All very instagrammable and you won’t have to go broke booking them!

Make Your Itinerary and Pre-Budgeting Plan

Before going to a place make sure to do your research. Watch vlogs, read blogs and check out the places you really want to go to – and find out if it’s worth it! Anything and everything is in the internet so if a place has an entrance fee or whatnot, you’ll find out and you can start pre-budgeting. This is a tip because this way you can find out how much you should be saving and can estimate the budget you need to bring and not end up over-spending!

Eat Like A Local

What is a vacation if you can’t enjoy it? Don’t deprive yourself too much because you keep thinking cheap, cheap, cheap! You’ve heard about cafes, restaurants and bars in that place you want to try? Best, again, to do your research! You will find reviews and price ranges, so that way you can plan and alternate where to eat! That way you can eat cheap and still eat in whatever restaurant you want to try! Warning, extra calories will ensue. Lol!

Find Travel Hacks Online

Going to a theme park? A historical site? Island hopping? Chances are there are discounts online in travel websites like Klook and different travel agencies! There might even be group tours that will give you a cheaper rates and you get to meet other travelers as well! Fun!

We hope that some of these tips helped you in planning your next vacation! Again, you can always save up for the future and for your travels, you just got to know how! What are you travel savings tips? Share them below!

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