How to Be Ultra Posh at a Party

How to Be Ultra Posh at a Party

Even if we just want to let our jologs out, some situations require us to be some sort of posh.

As much as dancing crazily, taking tons of shots and wearing something chill and comfy would be ideal, but of course there are places that we need to show a lil bit of class. And we believe that everyone has it in them to be ultra posh for an even poshier party place! We list down what we think can mask our not poshness with so we can fit right in:

Dress The Part

Dress it up! Wear those stilettos and that sexy tight dress – wear your hair up or down and bring out that smokey eye! We gotta look the part, darlings! We know, heels?! Ouch. But you gotta suck it up because beauty is pain and try not to trip!


When you gotta act like you’re disinterested but still having fun – it’s a task. Don’t smile too big, don’t frown. So let’s mix a bit of both – and SMIZE! You will look the right amount of warm and cold like any other posh person should be. LOL!

Sip Champagne

Let’s face it having champagne makes everything p o s h. So even if we want that sugary cocktail or that shot of tequila to get things going – a glass of champagne won’t hurt! Hold it with pride and raise it for a toast – once everyone is drunk no one will care anymore how posh you’ll be.


Wait a lil bit to go low and do your twerking – at the start, sway to the beat and try to control that inner dancing beast in you.

Kidding aside from this list, just look great and have fun. Don’t forget to put a smile on your face and interact with others. You’ll fit right in!


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