How to Be the Best Third Wheel This Valentine’s Day

How to Be the Best Third Wheel This Valentine’s Day

If in case you’re third wheeling on Valentine’s Day and you want to be really good at it (also to distract you from the fact that you’re still single), here’s a third wheel rulebook from another third wheel.

Swear, it’ll be easy to get used to so no need to feel awkward about it anymore. It’s 2019, third wheeling and so many other things are the new normal.

Take Their Pics

I think this comes first in any third wheel rulebook. Being good at taking your friends’ cute couple pics is a must! You know how the saying goes, if there are no IG pics, did it really happen?

Be an Accomplice in Case They’re Planning a Surprise

Being an accomplice in a surprise feels really rewarding and fun, so what have you got to lose?

Help Your Friend Pick out an Outfit

V dates are usually stressful because it’s like the first date all over again. Help your BFF look good or just be there to compliment them and ease their mind.

Give Them Time Alone

If ever they invite you to come to dinner or whatever, decline. They’re probably just being nice. They need time alone, though, so let them have their moment after you’re done being the good third wheel.

Be Happy for Them

Celebrate your friends’ happiness, in fact, be inspired. Don’t go home and sulk, have a few drinks at The Palace and who knows, you might even meet someone. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, but just have fun! We’re rooting for you!

What other third wheel stuff have you done? Sound off in the comments below!

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