How to Be Single on Valentine’s Day

How to Be Single on Valentine’s Day

Hearts everywhere. Giant teddy bears. Flamboyant flowers. Being single is all fun and games except maybe on February 14 when literally everything seems to be designed to be romantically celebrated and tbh just outright rubs “yes, you’re single!” on your face.

We’re showering you with all the reasons why it’s def okay to be single because after all, love is just a construct.

Enjoy the Day With a Good Workout

Working out is scientifically proven to give you some good juju so what better way to start the day of love than by giving your body the loving it deserves?

Treat Yourself to a Mouthwatering Meal

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Because really, you don’t need to have a date to enjoy a good meal. You deserve it, anyways. PS: It takes a strong, independent person to be able to eat alone in a public place.

Intentionally Accomplish Something Major at Work

Condition your mind to finish something major at work so you can also focus all your energy on something that ACTUALLY adds value to your well-being.

Go Shopping

Treat yourself, you-strong-independent-individual, you!

Head Out

Trust us, you’re probably not the only one looking for some fun on Valentine’s day. Treat yourself to a cute lil’ outfit and paint the town red. Whether it’s with your fellow unattached friends or by yourself, you never know what’s waiting unless you actually head out.

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