How To Be A Smart Millennial: 2019 Edition

How To Be A Smart Millennial: 2019 Edition

How To Be A Smart Millennial: 2019 Edition

Living comfortably is essential but living conveniently is always smart. Patience is a virtue but long lines and emergency situations can be avoided. Here are a few ways on how to rig the system!

Have 2 Bank Accounts

When systems are down in one of your accounts at least you have a back-up especially when you need the cash asap.

Get Those Miles

For you the avid traveller, collect those points. It comes handy for those too expensive flights that you want to splurge on. Possibly a business class flight so you feel that VIP treatment!

Google Drive

Upload! Make sure all your important documents are backed up on the cloud. You’ll never know when you’ll lose your passport or your credit card!

Food App Promotions

Food is expensive everywhere, spend less when going out while using food app promos. It makes dining out more worth it.

Item Organizers

Knowing that you have everything in a certain place makes looking for them easier. These can be used for bills, essentials in your bag, makeup items, important electronic cables, medicine, hair accessories, and more!

Be an Eco Warrior

Taking baby steps to a more sustainable lifestyle is way better than not caring at all. Make sure to bring a water flask, reusable cutlery & straw, and a reusable shopping bag. Doing this can help cut down the amount of waste one person accumulates.

Practice Being Early

It is better to be early than late. Make that first impression great by practicing being 10 minutes early for everything. This does not only show that you are mannered, it also makes it obvious that you respect the person or persons you are meeting.

Get Those Government IDs – It’ll All Be Worth It

It might be too much of a hassle for you but they come in handy when you need identification. No need to whip out your license or passport!

Pay For Quality

There are times that a quality service offered or a product that is a little on the expensive side costs you less than buying something at its cheapest. You are sure these items will be durable and as for the service, you’ll surely appreciate the impeccable convenience it offers.

Always Leave A Tip

Every person you meet whether they may be a server of your boss, always be polite. It pays when these people remember you. Most of the time, servers who like you tend to give you special treatment.


Side Hustle

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Have more than one source of income. Put those talents to good use! Extra cash is handy when emergencies happen.

Track Your Period

So you can carelessly spend your days and know when to expect it! Stains are hard to remove and might cause embarrassment as well.


Last but not the least, do your due diligence. This avoids wasted efforts, unsafe situations, & inconvenience.


Any more tips for your souls sistas? Let us know in the comments below!

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