How To Avoid Falling For Fake News About COVID

How To Avoid Falling For Fake News About COVID

Think about it: when was the last time you were calm? When was the last time you were carefree and everything just felt normal? Ever since this global pandemic hit the nation, everyday is anxiety-ridden for most of us. Now that we’re on lockdown, we all try to continue working from our homes but watching the number of infected people go up everyday makes it harder. What even makes everything insufferable is the number of people who spread fake news.

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Remember when people flocked to the market to buy bananas because of a false news that it will help prevent you from catching the virus?

With so many social media channels and websites now, we understand that it might be confusing which ones we can trust. Here are ways on how you can avoid falling for unverified information:

Don’t be lazy

This is the major key. Stop being lazy and do your research before hitting the share or forward button. It literally takes a few minutes to verify by looking it up on Google. We have so much power on our fingertips now. We only have to maximize it.

Stay vigilant

It’s so easy to get news nowadays, just one scroll on your Twitter timeline and you’re already updated with what’s currently happening. However, this also makes us susceptible to fake news. Get you news from established news sources, not from random people on social media. Always remember the sources you can trust which are NY Times, CNN, and the likes.

Check the people you follow

We have a lot of time in our hands now. We suggest to make use of this free time by reviewing the people you interact with on social media. Unfriend and unfollow people who keep on spreading misinformation and unlike Facebook pages that do the same.

These times are very critical and we can’t afford to cause even more fear to other people because of unverified info. What do you do to protect yourself from fake news? Let us know in the comments! 


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