How Other Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day

How Other Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day

In the Philippines, we celebrate Valentine’s day quite extravagantly. No matter how much we say we don’t, we actually do. All restaurants, cinemas, and parks are extremely packed. Flower shops and chocolate stores are sold out. We really do take hearts day to the next level. We even have mass weddings, where hundreds of couples get to wed for free! 

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Valentines Day isn’t what you usually think it is in Finland. As long as their V-day is concerned, it is dedicated to celebrating friendships. It’s definitely not exactly what you want to celebrate with your crush, but it’s good news for your single buddies! 


In South Korea, Valentine’s day is celebrated the opposite way of how we do it in the Philippines. During V-day, the women are the ones who are in charge of gift giving. While a month later, a day they call White day, men give gifts in return. 


Originally, Valentines day would go as far as sacrificing a goat and men would have to wear its skin, walk around in streets wearing them with the hopes that women would bless them with fertility. Nowadays, it’s as simple as women pinning the name of the man of their dreams on their sleeves. It’s a huge turn around but quite amazing! 


It is said that, French men still opt to write handwritten letters for their loved ones for Valentine’s day. It’s a simple gesture but definitely very sweet, don’t you think? 

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