How, In Many Ways, Jaden Smith is the Epitome of the Slash Generation

Jaden Smith, The Palace Manila

How, In Many Ways, Jaden Smith is the Epitome of the Slash Generation

Jaden Smith has gone a long way from being that cute kid in The Pursuit of Happiness (which he starred in with his father, Will Smith) and The Karate Kid. Ever since, Jaden has been crawling outside of his superstar parents’ shadow (Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith) and he deserves to be a name of his own. While he might have a weird and cryptic tweet-rep (see below), he does have golden moments of his own. We list down why this homeboi is more than just a celebrity child/celebrity.

His Cryptic Tweets
If you follow Jaden Smith on Twitter, expect a shit load of weird tweets. Some profound, some just plain strange. He shares the most of his tweets are actually based on facts. Take for example the mirrors and eyes tweet. He shares that based on studies, humans “can only see three base colors, but there’s so much more on the electromagnetic spectrum of light that we could see, but our eyes are just not capable of seeing, which brought me to the realization that what we see on an everyday basis is not actually what’s there. It’s actually only what we can take in.” So the next time you judge Jaden’s weird ass tweets,

His Vegan Food Truck For the Homeless

Sometime this year, Jaden launched the I LOVE YOU Restaurant, a vegan food truck that serves the homeless in LA. While some might think that this was just a stunt, Jaden Smith’s intentions are as pure as day. It’s true that healthy, vegan food is not the cheapest food options out there and homeless people settle with canned soup, canned meat, etc. that are full of preservatives. We think that the I LOVE YOU Resto deserves 5-Stars!

Just Water

Aside from his philanthropic cause to feed the poor with quality healthy food, Jaden also owns and started JUST Water; boxed water that are set out to replace single-use plastic bottles. It has been valued at $100 Million with an expansion set out in all parts of the world, from UAE to Japan. The formula for the bottles are updated and upgraded every year to keep on minimizing its carbon footprint and to source better biodegradable materials. “It’s like how the iPhone is updated almost every year, we try to update [the packaging] almost every year,” shares Jaden.


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1 Pack Is 20k This Is A Steal Trust Me

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At just 21 years old, Jaden Smith is literally B-U-S-Y. #JADENinc is the umbrella for everything Jaden. Twenty-One-Years-Old. Who else feels under accomplished?! Shots for us!

He Collabs with his Sister

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Tickets on sale now

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It is no doubt that the Smith family is talented so collabs are bound to happen! He’s set to be on tour with Willow this November for their Willow ERYS tour in the US! Luckily, you don’t have to fly out to catch him perform! Catch Jaden Smith LIVE in at Xylo at The Palace this October 23 for his FIRST EVER LIVE PERFORMANCE IN MANILA! Get 2 Tickets for only P4000!

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