How Best To Appease The Bae When She’s PMS-ing

How Best To Appease The Bae When She’s PMS-ing

Ever just wondered why your girlfriend was acting all weird and then she does something out of her emotions, you realize she’s actually PMS-ing, and you just point blank don’t know what to do?


Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered. It’s funny how people think the worst part of the cycle is when women have their period (it really is a bitch), but it’s actually the emotional roller coaster we’re on when we PMS that’s a pain in the ass. So rather than running around like a headless chicken, here’s what you should do.

Whether it’s for preventive measures or trying to put out fires, here are sure fire ways to how best to appease the bae when she’s PMS-ing:

Don’t ask her if she’s PMS-ing

Because I am the Man of the House, I decided to make the joke/mistake of the day: I gave a "Get Better Soon" card to #wifezilla, she told me: "But I am not sick" and I answered, "I know, I just think you can get better" … Not fun or laughs anywhere … Only funeral silence, death look and no happiness around! I got this joke from the internet and thought was going to make her laugh, but I was wrong, fourteen thousands three hundred and fifty times wrong! Rule #23 of the #BulliedHusdbandsClub: if you make a joke involving your #wifezilla, make sure you can deal with the consequences in case the joke doesn't have the same effect that you pictured in your head when you made it. This happens 99.9% of the times you make a joke that involves your wifezilla. Always think if it is worthy! But no matter what, always remember, in the house, you are the Man of the House … your wifezilla is simply the decision maker! And for the record, she can't get better because she is the best! #patayfourtimes #bulliedhusdbadsclub

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If there’s one thing that irritates us while we’re PMS-ing, is when people attribute our poor behavior or attitude to it. DO. NOT. It most probably is but we don’t want it to seem we got upset for nothing and that we’re awful because of a hormonal imbalance. And most probs your girl will tell you anyway…

A shower of patience and understanding

I know, we asked you not to relate her giving you an attitude to her hormones and all, but to be fair, it is quite an uncomfortable, often painful time for her this time of the month, so just shower her with kind words and patience and understanding… no matter how bad it gets. #kapitlang

Bring Her food

Seriously? Need I say more? Okay, so if you haven’t noticed, she tends to have intensified  cravings and she will want to overeat (blame the hormones!). So really, just let her. Or better yet, bring it to her! We totally recommend Mcdonald’s fries. Or ice cream. Maybe Potato Corner… tera size. Or unli samgyupsal–she will LOVE you!

Give her chocolates

No. Food is not the same as chocolates, because chocolates is in a completely whole other playing field. It doesn’t matter if it’s Lindt straight from Switzerland or MnM’s from the nearby convenience store. They will do.

Give her lots of warmth

After a storm comes a calm.

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Warm compress for the cramps, warm hands, warm hug her in a burrito wrap (google it!), maybe throw in a warm foot massage, even a warm smile? Trust me, she’ll need (and will greatly appreciate) the extra lambing you’ll give her during this time.

Netflix and binge with her

Did someone say Netflix and Ch…ibog?

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Yes. It actually is very painful with all the cramping and although exercise will actually help with the muscle movement, good luck with trying to get them walking with the pain so why not just snuggle up and brush up on the latest series, right?

But really, no need to get all worked up when we’re PMS-ing, we don’t ask for much… just maybe not annoy the hell out of us and add an extra dose of lambing while you’re at it. Got any foolproof tips? Share them in the comments section!

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