How A Breakup Can Actually Be Good For You

Nadine Lustre, James Reid

How A Breakup Can Actually Be Good For You

Following the recent event of Nadine and James’ breakup, we are completely devastated. It feels like something inside of us has died and a void inside our souls can never be filled. However, on the brighter side of things, we are also extremely proud of them. 

If you’ve been through one, a breakup hurts worse than a hangover. You’re crushed, you’re immobilized, and generally your world stops. It. Sucks. Nothing but a tub of ice cream and a Netflix-binge will make you feel better. And if you’ve dated a ton of fuck ups, you might even get your whole life derailed. 

There’s a lot of stigma surrounding breakups. Movies and songs written about how messy and terrible it can be because that’s the reality. However, we think that there’s a ton of other healthy realities underneath a breakup that we should be really thankful for. Especially if it’s a healthy breakup. In Nadine and James’ statement, they broke up to give each other space for “personal growth” and to “focus on [themselves] and [their] careers.” We respect this big time because this is a valid reason to breakup, it’s not an excuse. It’s a very valid reason. And as the story grows and amidst the speculation, we can learn a thing of two from this ex-power couple. 

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Relationships are complicated and while it might seem like it’s going to be you and your partner against the world, choosing yourself above everything else is so important. If your boo is turning into a boo-boo that just hurts your feelings/well-being, get out of there! It is healthy to declutter toxic people out of your life. It’s the ultimate form of self-care. Check out this guide if you’re having a hard time cutting people out. Repeat after us: I CHOOSE ME OVER ANYONE AND ANYTHING ELSE. 



The person who fell in love with can change and so can you. You, as a human being, can evolve into someone you weren’t when the relationship started and that’s fine. It’s true that some people just grow apart and that’s okay, especially if you’re just figuring out what you want in life. Take your time to build yourself up first before settling down with the one. If it’s meant to be, you guys will find a way back to each other. 

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Ghosting is real and it’s just plain rude. Be mature enough to tell your partner that it’s simply not working for you, there is no shame in that. To drag on a relationship that has no endgame is childsplay and to disappear without a trace is even worse. Be an adult and own up to breaking up. It’s not easy but it is the right thing to do, the usual rip of the band-aid scenario. It’s a major sign of you maturing into a responsible adult. It’s you knowing what you want and how you want to be treated, and not settling for anything less of that. We are proud of you!

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We are proud of Nadine and James’ breakup because despite the pressures of being a power couple, Nadine and James knew the line between work and their actual relationship. Whatever the cause of the breakup, be true to yourselves as a couple because people will gossip about your life. If you’re worried that you’ve posted to many cute couple selfies and it would be shameful to breakup because of your highly publicized relationship, fuck that. Onwards to the next season, bye to the characters your life no longer needs!


Shit happens, seasons change, people breakup. But at the end of all things, a breakup doesn’t void the whole relationship you’ve had. A breakup doesn’t mean that the love wasn’t true and everything is a lie. It was real and everything was true, for the time being. So just be grateful for whatever it has been because some people are single af here and you’ve been blessed to have someone love you. That is a huge blessing/experience on its own and it’s time to let go of that. No space to plant vibes, unless he/she is a cheater then slash those tires lol jk. On to the next one, hun! Cry then try again!


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