Horror Movie Recommendations If You’re Feeling Brave During The Lockdown

Horror Movie Recommendations If You’re Feeling Brave During The Lockdown

If you’re one of the few brave souls who can stomach watching a horror movie by yourself, (in the middle of a pandemic, no less) feel free to sit back, relax, and give these films a go! Even horrors in real life must end after all, and horror movies are the best reminders of this fact. 


Here are some horror movies to binge-watch if you’re comfy with spooking yourself while social distancing: 


Scream (1996)

This nineties cult classic is timeless for a reason! It revolves around Sidney Prescott, an ordinary high school student who becomes the target of a mysterious serial killer named Ghostface. What makes the film unique is that its characters seem to know they’re behaving within the confines of horror movie tropes, and attempt to outsmart the killer based on how they predict he’s going to act. We highly recommend this for die-hard fans of the genre.


Contagion (2011) 

Although not listed under the horror genre, this film definitely qualifies as horror if you’re brave enough to watch it right now. The film follows the spread of a mysterious new disease that can be passed through contact with inanimate objects sharing its bacteria. A team of researchers, scientists, and doctors furiously attempt to contain the disease and eventually find a vaccine. Watch this if you want a semi-accurate glimpse into the brave lives of frontliners in the midst of a pandemic. 


Hereditary (2018)

Some curses simply appear, but others can be inherited. This is the heart of Hereditary’s story, centering on the Graham family and how a series of supernatural events seems to come from the dealings of their deceased grandmother. The film also skyrocketed director Ari Aster into horror movie fame, and eventually led to the production of the box office summer scream hit, Midsommar (2019). 


Creep (2014) 

This modern classic is also a curious take on serial killer horror. Creep unfolds a little bit like a quirky, indie comedy about a man named Josef, a man who claims to be dying of cancer and places an online ad in an attempt to find a videographer who can help him record a series of videos for his unborn son. The film quickly makes a turn for the worst when his chosen videographer realizes that Josef isn’t the man he says he is. Watch this if you’re big into found-footage horror.


The Shining (1980)

Are you even a true horror fan if you haven’t seen The Shining? Dubbed as one of the best horror movies by multiple critics, it’s a great introduction to the genre and still delights long-time horror enthusiasts to this day. The film follows Jack Torrance, the newly appointed caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. He’s offered a room to live in with his wife and son, and Jack slowly descends into madness as the spirits of the hotel’s begrudged guests come to haunt him. If you’re a newbie to Stephen King’s horror films, you have to watch this first! 


Raw (2016)

Raw is quite possibly the freshest and creepiest take on cannibalism since Hannibal Lecter graced the big screen. Set in France, the film follows a young aspiring vegan veterinarian who suddenly develops an excessive desire for meat after undergoing a hazing ritual. Watch this if you know your stomach can handle more than a little bit of gore to get you going. 


Gerald’s Game (2017)

Another Stephen King standout makes the list! Based on the 1992 novel of the same name, Gerald’s Game revolves around a married couple’s desire to rekindle their relationship by attempting bondange in a secluded cabin. When the protagonist’s husband collapses and dies from a heart attack while she’s handcuffed to the bed, it’s a race against the clock for her to escape before her own psychosis gets the better of her. Yup, bedroom experiments can be more dangerous than we think. 


It Follows (2014) 

Everyone knows STDs can kill, but the curse that plagues It Follows is of another kind altogether. After a teenage girl’s boyfriend has sex with her for the first time, he tells her that a deathly entity will surely take her life if she doesn’t have sex with another, passing the curse on. Both a gigantic metaphor for unprotected sex gone wrong and a wildly creative film on its own, watch It Follows if you’re looking to watch one of the most unique horror films to come out this past decade. 


The Lighthouse (2019)

Going a little cabin crazy in lockdown? Robert Pattinson’s horror debut last definitely sympathizes with you. In the A24-produced flick, he plays a young lighthouse keeper named Ephraim, new to the job and set to work with an irritable, older keeper named Thomas. It doesn’t take long before the two are at each others’ throats after being isolated in the lighthouse for weeks. Is it haunted or are they just hallucinating? Check this out if you’re pretty confident that being alone won’t drive you into paranoia. 


Eerie (2019)

Eerie was definitely the standout horror flick in our local scene last year, and it’s available to stream on Netflix too! Bea Alonzo stars in this film as Pat Consolacion, a guidance counselor at the Sta. Lucia Academy for Girls. When a student dies at the school, Pat is determined to get to the bottom of the tragedy and discovers a supernatural twist to the mystery. This film isn’t only a testament to Bea’s acting skills, but also introduces Mikhail Red as a horror director to watch out for. 


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