Holiday Gifts The Guys in Your Life Will Love That Aren’t Socks

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Holiday Gifts The Guys in Your Life Will Love That Aren’t Socks

TBH and not to be sexist but it’s easier to give girls gifts than to guys. And, socks are everyone’s scapegoat when it comes to holiday gifting for the men in our lives.

Now, we don’t hate socks, we just want you to be the best gift giver ever this holiday season. Here’s our gift suggestions for all the men in your life.

The Dad

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If you dad loves to jetset for work, we have the perfect gift for him! These are hand carry-safe cocktails that he can concoct himself on his next long-haul business flight! Grab it in local travel stores!

The Kuya

You might borrow his shirts sometimes to give your outfit a tomboy look, so it’s time to give his wardrobe a gift. Grab him some essential weekend shirts that he can pair with shorts or jeans!

The Baby Boy

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted an ant farm but your mom wouldn’t let you because the ants might just crawl out and eat up the pantry? Well, we’re sure your brother wants one, too! However, instead of giving him an ant farm, get him these cool framed succulents! Giving him a plant that needs some care can help teach him some big boy responsibilities #BestAteEver

The Bae = The Best Date Ever

We’re not saying give him Alesso for Christmas because we’re pretty sure that’s not feasible, but dancing the night away with your bae to Alesso’s beats can be one of the best memories to end the year with. It’s true that some of the best gifts aren’t material, they’re memories! After a night of partying, pair it with a staycation in a fancy hotel!

The Bro You Never Had = The Man Pack

You consider him your guy bestie, the one you can rely on for tough love be it for work or general life drama. Grab him something super functional like a hustling bag that can pack his daily essentials. After all, he has been helping you carry your emotional baggage, help him with his!

The Beshie = Skincare

Your gay bestie deserves the best after a year of slaying it with you. Give him the gift of glowing skin! Why stop at just a body scrub? Give face masks, Korean skin essence drops, and more so you two can continue snagging cuties in the bar ‘til next year!

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