Cannot wait until July 16 for the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7 so you keep on reading fan theories and making some? We feel you! That’s why we’re recapping the second trailer because no one should ever watch the trailer only once. You have to pay attention to every split second “Ëœcause you never know what lies in between those fast cuts.

After watching the trailer again, let’s break it down into pieces and dig even deeper. Here’s our predictions and theories based on Game of Thrones‘ second trailer:

1. Bran Stark passing the wall

We all know from Season 6 that Bran Stark was touched by the Night’s King and in this trailer we saw Bran entering the wall. So does this mean that the walkers would surpass the wall this season?

2. Daenerys invading The Casterly Rock?!

Aside from the fact that we’re excited to see another fierce moment of Daenerys, this also means that we get to finally see how The Casterly Rock looks like””after six freaking seasons!

3. Bran warging the ravens and the Night’s King might have witnessed it

We saw in the trailer that Bran is using his warging powers again, and after that clip we saw ravens flying, so we assumed that he is controlling them. But the question is, for what? And did the Night’s King see him or is it the other way around?

4. Jon in North of the Wall with Dondarrion and some more

Why is Jon Snow in the North of the Wall? And why is he with Dondarrion? In the trailer, we first saw Jon on a high platform with some more men (whom we can’t identify yet) while hundreds of walkers await to fight them. One more thing we noticed””Jon surprisingly looks very confident in this clip, I wonder why.

5. Possible meeting of Daenerys and Jon

Is that really Jon and his crew at the Dragonstone bay? “ËœCause if it is them, then that could only mean one thing””Jon and Daenerys might really be teaming up this season for the most anticipated Great War! Cersei must be shookt.

Which scene are you most excited to see this season? Tell us in the comments down below.