Here’s Why Multitasking Is a Lie

Here’s Why Multitasking Is a Lie

A ton of people pride themselves in being able to multitask. Answer multiple emails while attending a morning meeting or post your cute weekend pic while doing this week’s report. YAS, #Hustle Kween and King! We only have 24 hours a day and we have to make the most out of it by multitasking, right? WRONG!

Studies show that multitasking is terrible for you, your work, and your health. So before you list down ~multitasking~ as a skill on your CV, read on!

Multitasking comes in many forms. From having multiple tabs open to doing stuff in the middle of a client meeting, and even walking while scrolling on your phone. Multitasking is no longer fetch. It boils down to something as simple as literally spreading your brain cells too thinly to accomodate all tasks.

Yes, productivity is about ticking off items in your to-do list but no one ever said it was a race. We’re sure that your boss would rather get quality output than you being able to submit all your deliverables first half-baked.

If you’re doing five to six items at once, chances are you’re losing some brain cells. We’re not overreacting! Stanford studies show that doing multiple things at once is actually making you less efficient, less productive, and less effective at accomplishing your goals. Your comprehension literally drops scores down the moment you try to tackle more than one task. Some studies even share that your IQ is at the level of an 8-year-old if you multitask! Eeek!

Shockingly, the people sitting beside you are also affected. Due to your ever-changing tabs or clicking on your laptop while speaking on the phone, other people end up distracted and actually absorb your aura and wonder why you’re too busy for your life! Don’t bring people down with you!

Also, “being in the zone” is a thing that takes up to 25 minutes for your brain to arrive to. So if you keep on shifting gears, how will your brain ever be focused? Consequently, studies show that it takes an average 15-18 minutes for your brain to refocus after each task. YES. Imagine wasting that much time if you keep on shifting your focus, instead of scrapping an entire task off one by one.

If you’re still not convinced that multitasking is bad, we’d like to ask if you would ever go to work drunk? Or high?! No? Well, letting your brain operate with several tasks at once is like going to work with a hangover, or working with 5 hours of sleep, or working while high on MJ. Yup, stop doing everything at the same time NOW!

There are also long term effects if you always multitask. From memory impairment to being less sympathetic, there are so many studies that show multitasking and its negative effects. The simple reason is because your brain was simply not built that way.

According to someone from Harvard Business Review, the moment he stopped multitasking was the day he started being productive. He made more progress on projects, he was less stressed, he realized all the little things that didn’t need much of his attention, and there was literally no negative effects on taking on tasks one at a time!

So please, please, please, do your brain a favor! Prioritize over multitasking! The only multitasking we’ll accept is sipping some mojitos and munching on some nachos!

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