Here’s What You Should Wear on Every Type of Date

Here’s What You Should Wear on Every Type of Date

A lot of you might still be on a post-Valentine’s high and there are still dates that you need to prepare for. If you’re running out of outfit ideas or you simply wanna know if you’re doing the right thing, here’s what you should really be wearing on every type of date.

Brunch With Friends: Laid Back

You should never be extra when going to a brunch date with your besties. Just wear a cute top and pair it with comfy jeans. Another pro tip: you’ll probably carb load while catching up, so make sure you don’t wear something too tight.

Group Hang: Edgy

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When hanging out with the squad, you are allowed to dress down. If you’re gonna wear sweatpants or track pants, step it up a notch by pairing it with a flashy top. A pair of dope kicks might do the trick, too.

First Date: Classy but Not Overdressed

First dates are tricky — it’s always a matter of hit or miss. Before we go on and explain what you should wear on the first date, gauge the situation first. If it is a casual date, then wear pants and a simple but classy top. But if you feel that it requires a little glam, then go for it. Just don’t go too extra on the first one!

Meet the Parents: Preppy

Like in the movies, some in-laws are really hard to please. Wear something preppy and safe if you’re meeting them for the first time. Your outfit can only do so much for you though, because it’ll still depend on how you will connect with them — but at least it’s a head start.

Casual Date: Sophisticated but Casual

Note that this doesn’t apply on the first date, but even if you’ve been dating for a while already and you are comfortable with your SO, don’t dress down for real. Sure, you can opt for a casual look, but still show that you’re trying a little bit to look presentable.

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