Here’s How You Can Stay Healthy While Drinking Alcohol

Here’s How You Can Stay Healthy While Drinking Alcohol

We love alcohol and partying but somewhere deep inside of ourselves, we all want to live super healthy… or at least healthier. Balancing both those needs is not impossible! You can still party and drink a lot while being healthy and body-loving! Read on to know how!


Have a Good Pre-Game

Want to avoid a hangover, quick hits, and throwing up early on in the night? Snacking on a good pre-game will help you avoid all of those. Head to a place that serves up hearty meals with starchy meals that will help absorb the alcohol in your tummy, this results in a slower and lesser alcohol hit for you. Thus, you won’t get drunk too fast!


Base it on the Color

The clearer the drink, the better. Vodka, gin, and light beer have less calories that heavily colored drinks like rum, scotch, whiskey, etc. 


Drink it Neat

We love our rum colas and vodka sprites but they add a lot of sugar and conceal a ton of a drink’s original flavor. If you can, cut down on the mixers and enjoy the drink as is with just ice to water down the extreme flavors. The mixers have a ton of added calories that might not be good for your diet

Stick to one

This goes for your relationships (unless you’re polyamourous then good for you!) and your drinks. Sticking to one drink will be less hard on your stomach and your head the next day!


Wine and Beer 

…Are strangely healthier than the other drinks on the bar shelf. Wine has that sweet taste and a ton of health benefits. Beer (despite beer belly being a thing) is also a good choice, as long as you stick to the stout, or low-calorie/light options. Btw, beer is also great to drink on the job!


Alcohol = Calories

This is the main reason why you’ll rarely see your gym-buffs hoarding drinks at the club. It’s true that the higher the alcohol content = more calories. So keep on the lookout for low ABV drinks!



We all have a love-hate relationship with shots. They’re like a cruel fling that keeps on hurting us but we keep coming back to. We’re all up for knowing your limits but know that you have to pace your shots apart from each other to avoid alcohol poisoning, which is a major thing that lead to you leaving the club in a wheelchair. Once you feel the hit leaving your body after dancing and drinking water, it’s time for another shot!


Water is Still Key

If you’re lowtol and get hit easily, load up on some water. The same goes for heavyweights. Water will always be a good idea on a night out because alcohol will drain out the hydration in your body and you want to replenish that ASAP. Need we remind you that your body is 50-65% made of water?! Drink them in between your drinks to avoid hyperacidity and getting shit faced too fast and too soon!



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