Heartbreak and New Leaf: Know the Latest with This Week’s 5 Celeb News

Heartbreak and New Leaf: Know the Latest with This Week’s 5 Celeb News

It seems August isn’t just the ghost month, it’s also the heartbreak month! From Liam filing for divorce to Spider-Man leaving the MCU, here are 5 of this week’s latest gossip you can’t miss.

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Liam Hemsworth Files for Divorce from Miley Cyrus

Two weeks after announcing their split, Liam decides to file for divorce from Miley due to irreconcilable differences. According to sources, Liam initially wanted to give them both some time. But now he came to realize they’re too different from each other, as he’s too traditional to share Miley who still wants to explore. Meanwhile, Miley took to Twitter to say she never cheated and that isn’t the reason for their marriage’s falling apart. We don’t know about you but all we want is for these two love birds to get back together!

Rupaul’s Drag Race will Return for 2 New Seasons

Mother Ru and her posse are back! RPDR confirms it will be back with 2 fresh seasons; season five of All Stars and season 12 of the main series. Michelle Visage told a recent interview that the reality show will continue to create new challenges and twists that would make everyone gag! RPDR has been nominated for 14 Emmys this year, proving it’s really the best drag show in the universe, henny!

Millie Bobby Brown will Launch a Vegan Beauty Line for Gen Zs

Florence by Mills, the newest beauty line to hit the stores. Made by none other than our fave Stranger Things character, Eleven! And this is nothing you’ve ever seen before because it’s especially made for teens. Millie says her line will help young people “have a good start with their skin” because her products aren’t just for fun, they’re vegan too. This cool, new line features lip glosses, cream blushes, eye gels, and face masks – all in crazy colors and shapes! Yeah, we’re not teens anymore but we sure want to get our hands on these babies!

Spider-Man Leaves The MCU

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Bad news for Marvel fans, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will no longer be part of the MCU. This comes after Sony didn’t give Disney, the reason why our hero became part of the MCU in the first place, its request for a bigger cut from the movie franchise. of course fans and co-stars of Tom Holland were disappointed by this turn of events! We just hope this backlash paves a solution for this because everyone knows MCU won’t ever be the same with our fave hero Spidey.

Taylor Swift Plans to Re-record Past Hits

Taylor takes Kelly Clarkson’s advice, as she plans to re-record all her classics to get full ownership! This comes after her feud with Scooter Braun, owner of music label Big Machine, who she accuses of bullying for not letting her buy some of her hits’ masters. Well, what can we say? Taylor’s never been one to back down and girl, we support you!

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