A Healing Crystal Crash Course For Beginners

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A Healing Crystal Crash Course For Beginners

In this age where almost everyone will ask you for your zodiac sign upon the first meeting, and more and more people are exploring the positive effects of yoga and meditation, healing crystals are also making its way to every millennial’s work desk, bag and even necks.

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The use of healing crystals is a way to get started with energy healing. These crystals are used to attract specific energies that you need in your life. For instance, you need to evoke a certain energy to increase or decrease the possibility of a certain event. 

This world of shiny, colorful rocks can be very hard to navigate as a beginner so here is a list of healing crystals that are relatively easy to find and work with.

Clear quartz

This healing crystal is commonly referred to as one of the most versatile crystals out there and is also called the Master Healer. Because of the ease that comes with using it, it is the most ideal first crystal for any beginner. It enhances the energy around you and helps cleanse your aura.


This choice of crystal will work well for moments in life that you need clarity and depth. This provides spiritual protection for you, and also helps relieve stress and anxiety. If you have trouble sleeping because of regular nightmares, it can be helpful to lay an Amethyst under your pillow.

Tiger Eye

If you need to make a big decision soon, carrying a Tiger Eye can help you in being able to think rationally. It is a stone that can help ground oneself and boost self-empowerment and motivation. If you’re feeling a little off track in life, keep a tiger eye in your bag.


If you’re chasing for that cash, Citrine promotes prosperity in all aspects of life, especially wealth. Carrying a citrine crystal also completely clears negative energy and is a great stone for relieving tension within families and relationships.

Are you looking to try healing crystals too? Comment down below which one you’ll be getting first.

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