We’re actually on the brink of a massive breakdown/freak out session thanks to Harry Styles. The Sign Of The Times singer had us in love with his self titled album, and of course his past work with One Direction, so when the time came for him to release new music, of course we were excited. But we expect this to happen? Harry Styles is bisexual and the world, just as it should, freaked the f*ck out.

Ever since his earlier years with One Direction, we all had a slight suspicion about his sexuality. From his more-feminine (before you go sprak, I’m not implying that dressing in feminine textures and prints makes you gay) outfits to his close moments with the boys (were you team #LarryStylinson or #ZarryStylik?), we all thought he was bi anyways, and this song basically confirms that. Consider it your new bisexual anthem.

While there isn’t an official online release for this new song, and in case you couldn’t hear it in the video, you can hear him say:

The boys and the girls are here I mess around with them

And I’m okay with it

I’m coming down

I figured out I kinda like it

And when I sleep I’m gonna dream of how you tasted”

Of course, just like anything as controversial as your favorite childhood boyband member coming out of the closet, the netizens of the world went mad on Twitter, with the likes of Troye Sivan tweeting their reactions.

How did you react? Are you dying over the possibility that this is why Zayn and Gigi broke up and Zarry Stylik is about to become real, or am I overthinking things? Tell us about your excitement for the news so we can gossip with you in the comments below!