Looking Back at Harry Styles’ Best Songs Before He Drops His New Album

Looking Back at Harry Styles’ Best Songs Before He Drops His New Album

As much as we love One Direction and all their biggest hits, we can’t deny that we are also big fans of the boys’ solo careers. Harry Styles, who is undoubtedly one of, if not the most successful among the five former members, recently announced the release date of his Sophomore album, The Fine Line on December 18.

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His first single off the album Lights Up is promising and we can only expect the same for the full album. Just yesterday, November 18, Harry released his second single for this new era, Watermelon Sugar which quickly reached #1 on US iTunes Chart.

The 25-year-old singer and actor is clearly experimenting on a new sound and we can’t hear the rest of it. But before we get excited about it, here are the best songs from his debut album that will be on repeat until we finally get our hands on The Fine Line. 

Sign of The Times

Almost everyone was pleasantly surprised when Harry first released Sign of the Times. It’s a very strong debut single, and it made everyone pay attention, including the doubters who believed that he’s done after 1D. The track showed the music path that Harry is going to take. With its hushed piano intro and six minute length, it’s not exactly something you expect from a boyband popstar.

Two Ghosts

A hauntingly beautiful break up song, Two Ghosts is easily a stand-out in Harry’s self-titled debut album. It also served as the official second single off the album which is undoubtedly a great move. After the powerful ballad that is Sign of The Times, Harry treated his fans with a subtle mix of pop and rock. The track is also both painful and catchy, and the songwriting is as raw as it gets. 

Sweet Creature

An acoustic ballad from Harry? Yes please. In this track, Harry sings of distant love and tenderness.  This track also resembles folk music from the 70s.  With lyrics such as ‘“Sweet creature, sweet creature/ When I run out of rope, you bring me home”, it’s impossible not to feel emotional while listening to it.

We can’t wait for the full album to drop! For the mean time, listen to Harry’s recent release Watermelon Sugar here:

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