We’re adding yet another entry to our holiday must-watch movie list in the form of Mel Gibson’s directorial comeback Hacksaw Ridge, a WWII film based on the true story of an army medic who was awarded the Medal of Honor during the Battle of Okinawa.

Andrew Garfield plays Desmond Doss, a Christian pacifist who finds himself earning the ire of his comrades when he refuses to pick up his rifle during training. The movie explores Doss’ steadfast adherence to his beliefs despite the chaos and death surrounding him, and it’s his inherent goodness that eventually saves not only himself but the people who doubted him.

It’s been a while since we last saw Mel Gibson work his onscreen magic, and with news of Hacksaw Ridge receiving a 10-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival last September, it’s only fair to say that we’ve got big expectations. Here’s to hoping the film finds its way to the Philippines soon.

You can watch the trailer here: