Give Your Pooch a Cuddle This International Hug Your Dog Day

Give Your Pooch a Cuddle This International Hug Your Dog Day

Stop whatever you are doing and go cuddle your dog because today is International Hug You Dog Day!

Dogs – the lovely creatures that none of us deserve but all of us need. Whatever their breed and no matter how crazy their antics and habits may be, they always manage to put a smile on our faces. Some of them even help in keeping the peace. And this is a salute to them.

For Their Bravery

For Their Intelligence

For Their Love of People and Country

Thank you, for lending your paws in keeping our world a safer place. We hope that you spend the rest of your days happy and filled with treats and cuddles, because you deserve it.

And to all dog parents out there, always make sure that they feel loved because we all know that everything they do is to make you happy (even if you sometimes/always clean after them). Return the favor everyday, but most especially on their birthday! Here are some things you can do to celebrate it a ‘lil more extra because they’ve earned it.


Cover photo from @aktivera_mera

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