Girls, It’s About Time We Talk About V-Care

Girls, It’s About Time We Talk About V-Care

Us girls, we always talk about skincare, hair care and all that, but aren’t we forgetting one part that’s just as precious to us? Yup, it’s about time we talk about vulva care. You might be thinking–is that really a thing? Say no more fam because here’s everything you need to know about it!

It’s Just as Necessary as Skincare

Just like our face, simply washing is not enough to get rid of all the dirt. Yes, you might say that it’s not as exposed, but do you know that even the fabric of your undies or the feminine hygiene products you use can contribute to the dirt that’s being trapped down there? Yikes.

It Doesn’t Hurt

It’s not like a brazilian wax, leave that up to experts because you’re not supposed to do that on your own. Think of this as something like an extension to your skincare routine. Extended down there, if you know what I mean.

What Exactly Is It

We came across this product called the TWOL(I)PS Blackout Mask which is the first ever vulva care range to be carried by Strip Manila. It claims to have activated charcoal which soothes, detoxifies, brightens and hydrates your vulva.

Who Can Use It and How Often

As long as you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding, you can use it. Whenever you feel like getting some TLC, just let the mask sit there for 15-20 minutes for at least twice a week!

More Benefits

Why exactly do we need to use it? Is it just vanity? If you’re someone who gets brazilian wax every now and then or just someone who shaves down there, don’t you worry about how bare it is after? This is where this Blackout Mask comes in, with regular use, the skin in and around the vulva soon will feel smooth, supple and properly hydrated.

Now I know after reading all that, you’re still skeptic about this or probably weirded out. Well girls, there’s nothing wrong about self-care. It’s about time we educate ourselves about self-care more and give our body all the love it deserves.

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