Gift Ideas That Are ECQ Sensitive 

Gift Ideas That Are ECQ Sensitive 

Gift Ideas That Are ECQ Sensitive 

The lockdown/enhanced community quarantine has been extended and a lot of people are now becoming more creative on how they spend occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other important milestones in life. Video conferencing has been our new normal when spending time with friends and shopping online has become a necessity and convenience for a lot of us. If a loved one is celebrating something during the ECQ, do not fret! You can still give meaningful gifts this way. 

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Donate With a Friend 

This is one of the easiest and most thoughtful ways that you can give gifts and share your blessings to others. Ask your friend what organization they want to celebrate their birthday with and donate your gift amount on their behalf. It’s hitting 2 birds with one stone! 


Name A Star After Them

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It’s truly possible to name a celestial body after your special ones! Checkout a couple of star registry companies and choose a star to name your friend after. They give you a certificate and the location of the star that you availed all sent via email. Once deliveries resume, they can even send the certificate to you via mail. How awesome is that? 


An Online Tarot Reading 

Do you have friends that feel uneasy on their special day? Maybe a tarot reading can help them look at the situation in a different perspective. Online tarot readings are widely available now and it is also personalized. Book one for your bestie and let them explore the wonders of their intuition! 


Food Delivery 

A cute surprise delivery of cakes and even necessities would be super heartwarming for your friends. Knowing that they might not be able to get a cake of their own or that they won’t be able to celebrate with you, sweet treats and yummy snacks are always the fastest way to the heart. 



Last but not the least, get them on those subscriptions! Shoulder a month or two of their Netflix, Spotify, DuoLingo, or any app they have been fond of during the ECQ. Help them appreciate and enjoy the comforts of staying safe in their home. A huge thanks will await you for sure! 


Any other gift ideas you might have? Let us know in the comments below! 


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