Get To Know Chivas XV and Why It Should Be Your Drink of Choice

Get To Know Chivas XV and Why It Should Be Your Drink of Choice

Get To Know Chivas XV and Why It Should Be Your Drink of Choice

Are you the type that loves to know a behind the scenes story or how it started? You’re in for a historical ride! The blended Scotch Whisky we all love so much has history behind it and lots of passion. Dive in deep with us as we get to know Chivas XV! 



Aged in Casks for 15 Years

You guessed it right if you figured that XV stands for 15 years and if you are an avid Scotch drinker, we are just reminding you that the Chivas XV bottle is something that is most definitely worth the wait. The bottle boasts of a very premium & luxurious experience. This blended scotch was finished in casks that used to hold Grand Champagne Cognac. Talk about all those tasting notes of poached pear, butterscotch, and caramel toffee all giving you a velvety feel in your mouth.


The Chivas Brand debuted about 111 years ago

The Chivas Brand debuted in 1909 with a 25 year old whisky that was offered by no one else at the time. Talk about being around for a long while right? You know these guys have experience! They offer whisky that are aged in casks from 12, 15, 18, up to 25 years. They even probably have a secret stock that would be around more than 25 years of age. 


Founded by 2 Brothers

Chivas Regal started out in a grocery in Speyside, Scotland that was eventually owned by the two brothers James & John Chivas. The brothers moved to a city called Aberdeen to leave the farm where they grew up in. They were eventually granted a royal warrant by the Queen Victoria to supply her goods. Now you know not only your whisky is premium but has a mark that would pass the standards of royalty! 


Amazing Tasting Notes

The Chivas XV is pure luxury and gives off amazing tasting notes! To the nose, it smells like stewed red apples made from your grandmother’s kitchen, the homemade orange marmalade that you stock up on during the holiday season, honey, and cinnamon that makes you want to sip into the whisky right away! To the mouth it feels velvety and smooth, and is reminiscent of fruity and caramel notes. The finish gives off a hint of vanilla to complete the experience. 


Because blended is better, in life, and in Scotch!

Having whisky made from a distillery with a great history is an amazing experience. A blended whisky like the Chivas XV can give you a whole rollercoaster ride. Aged in fine methods and with a premium that envelops it, you’ll find an appreciation for blended scotches. 


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