#GenerationLit: Gen Z’s New Squad Goals

#GenerationLit: Gen Z’s New Squad Goals

Every generation has an iconic group that they look up to and aspire to be like when it comes to creating friendships. Back in the ‘90s it was for sure Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The first decade of the 2000s saw the rise of the non-judging breakfast club in Gossip Girl (a.k.a. Serena, Blair, Chuck and Nate) and Effy’s wild AF group in Skins and in more recent times, the peg was definitely (or still is) either Betty or Veronica and the insanely good-looking cast of Riverdale.

#SquadGoals. This is what millennials and the emerging Generation Z call them. A group that you dream of being part of or at least dream of having friends who are exactly like them.

On this edition of #GenerationLit, /ESCAPE introduces you to a group of boys who are definitely #SquadGoals in our eyes. Put together showbiz royalties Vitto Marquez, Andrew Muhlach and Jack Reid along with hotshot newcomers, Julian Trono, and Daniel Huschka, you’ll surely get a wildcard group that you’ll wish you were part of. Starring in the upcoming summer movie, Squad Goals #Fbois, these guys will take you down a trip to memory lane when it was okay to be carefree and when everyday friendships meant everything. Get to know the new batch of heatthrobs who will surely melt hearts on the big screen.


/ESCAPE: Are you guys squad goals in real life?

Everyone: Yes!

Vitto Marquez: We’ve created a real bond that evolved while the taping of the movie progressed.

Andrew Muhlach: I’d like to believe that we are squad goals even if we still have our own squads.


What do you guys do when you hang out?

VM: We talk about life and we ask each other what will happen to us after the movie. Kung anong normal bonding ng mga magkakaibigan.

AM: We watch movies and do a lot of food trips.

Daniel Huschka: We usually hangout after shows but yeah that’s what we mostly do.

What made you guys go into acting?

VM: Passion and it’s always been in our family for the longest time.

AM: Siguro ganun din ako, kasi my family has always been in showbiz.

Jack Reid: For me, I wanted to try every aspect of showbiz, and acting is one of them.

Julian Trono: The storytelling! I like storytelling and I want to be able to try different mediums such as music, film and being behind the scenes.

DH: I started with singing and because of it, I kind of got into acting as well—it came along the way.


What is it like to be acting with friends?

AM: It’s easy because I just feel comfortable.

JR: It’s a lot easier. At the beginning, we didn’t really know each other that well, but now I feel like we do and we’re now very close and comfortable with each other.

JT: We get to improvise and see what’s best for a certain scene. Communication with your co-actors is different—mas maganda siya if you guys are friends.

DH: Acting with friends gives you a sense of comfort, you feel so much more comfortable with each other.

Can you explain your hashtags and why that’s assigned to you?

VM: Fit Boy—before the movie started, I was already addicted to going to the gym.

AM: The Funny Boy—Yeah, I’m definitely the comedian here.

JR: The Fast Boy—I think it’s for the viewer’s interpretation. My character is sometimes fast to fall asleep because he’s always tired but he’s also fast for the girls. He’s fast living through life and he doesn’t take things slow.

JT: Fly Boy—basically my character very much into dancing and is very passionate about it. The whole dancing thing connects to being the “fly boy”.

DH: Funky Boy—I’m “funky boy” because in the movie my character is focused on music more than anything he does in school.


Where is the best place to hang out with your squad?

VM: A terrace or actually anywhere just as long as you are with your friends.

AM: At the gym.

JT: In a hotel room.

JR: By the beach that has crystal waters and nice sand.

DH: Cinemas or amusement parks.


How can you describe your style?

VM: In one word, comfortable.

AM: Simple.

JR: Comfortable but stylish. Usually I’m in skinny jeans, a denim jacket and a white T-shirt.

JT: I usually go with just the basics.

DH: I always wear really skinny black jeans and slightly oversized top clothing.


What can we expect from your movie Squad Goals?

VM: A lesson. The main takeaway from the movie for me is that whatever comes your way na problema, habang bata pa, it won’t be the end of the world because your friends and family are there to support you. So just keep on going.

AM: A lot of people will be able to relate to this film because the story revolves around family, love, and friendship.

JR: It’s going to be a very fun, happy, and relatable movie because it’s something that we all go through.

JT: The values of having friends. You guys will get to experience things as you move forward and even if you take different paths, but what “gels” you together is that squad—that friendship.

DH: It’s a very relatable movie. Even for the older generations because they’ve been through this kind of time in their lives.


What is your favorite /ESCAPE?

VM: Somewhere quiet.

AM: The beach.

JT: Anywhere I could dance to express myself.

DH: Staying at home, I consider that my escape. Watching TV and listening to music, just doing that instead of being busy.

JR: Just hanging out with my friends and going out of town, going to beaches and travelling to other countries.


Photography by Erwin Canlas (@erwincanlas)

Interview by Nigel Garcia (@nigelgarciaaa)

Words by Vani Altomonte (@valtomonte)

Produced by Nigel Garcia (@nigelgarciaaa)

Art Direction by Kinskie Oriña (@kin.orina)

Styling by Sam Policios (@thesampolicios)

Clothes by The Nines (@the_ninesph) and Folded and Hung (@foldedandhungph)

Grooming by Claudia Belen (@claudiadychauco)

Assisted by Czarina Belen (@czarinasuzanne)

Videography by Paula Gisala (@paulagisala)

Video edited by Dana Malang (@danamalang)

Shot in Antidote – IM Hotel


Check out more of Vitto Marquez (@hashtag_vitto), Andrew Muhlach (@andrewmuhlach), Jack Reid (@jackreid), Julian Trono (@juliantrono), and Daniel Huschika (@danielhuschka) on their Instagram pages!

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