Lips? Matte. Mascara? Thick. Foundation? Armani. Addict’s Anonymous is now in session and the first matter of business is makeup. The glamorous world of beauty is one that anyone and everyone can simply walk into, however only a few will quite literally shine. Some might consider these sparkling artists as vain and shallow, but with Kris Ponce-Enrile, it’s simply not the truth. Acting as one half of The Makeup Addicts, a beauty blog she runs with her mother Katrina, they provide tips and tricks on the best that beauty has to offer.

Cheerful, hilarious, and a genuine pleasure to talk to, Kris reveals the person beneath all the makeup. From her comedic antics with her boyfriend, her learning experiences with her mother, and her absolute adoration for the magical skin of morenas, we’re given a sneak peek at her other addictions.

In the latest edition of #GenerationLit, /ESCAPE learns that beauty, whether you like it or not, is truly in the eye of the beholder.

/ESCAPE: How did you get into makeup?

Kris Ponce-Enrile: Honestly it’s just the generic story of me watching my mom when I was growing up. She would buy me my own sets, not like a whole makeup set but little lipsticks. She’d let me play with that and that’s really how I got started.

Is it all self taught?

KPE: It was a lot of trial and error and me looking like a freak throughout the years. Really just me making a lot of mistakes.

Does that mean you went through an emotional phase with dark makeup?

KPE: My makeup was never gothic emo, it was more like”¦ smokey. When I was younger I always needed black, smokey eyes but now that I’m older I just don’t wanna put that much makeup on. My goal then was to look older, and now that I’m older my goal is to look younger. That’s life.

Tell us about your first memory about makeup.

KPE: The little lipsticks. I have a photo where I’m like three years old and I just got out of the shower and I have a towel around me and I’m holding that lipstick and putting it on.

How does it feel to run The Makeup Addicts with your mother?

KPE: It’s really fun. In the beginning up until now, there’s still that line between her being my mom and my partner. Sometimes the lines get blurred but it’s always a learning process for the both of us in terms of how to work with each other. I learn a lot through her but I think she also learns a lot through me.

What are your work dynamics like?

KPE: I’m the one who posts everything on social media. She’ll write her own articles but I’ll put them out there. Anything beyond social media, we’ll work on together.

Would you say your aesthetics and visions for the blog are similar?

KPE: Pretty similar.

What’s the best piece of makeup you’ve come across?

KPE: That’s a hard question. It’ll have to be foundation. Specifically, no matter how many different ones come out, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. It’s my holy grail forever.

What are your other “addictions”?

KPE: Well I used to dance a lot when I was younger. I wouldn’t say I’m as addicted to that but I appreciate the art. I’m not so much into visual arts but I love performing arts.

Matte or glossy lips?

KPE: Matte.

How did you meet your boyfriend, Rob Ricafort?

KPE: We actually crossed paths at Valkyrie three years ago. I honestly didn’t even remember but he messaged me the next day saying, “Hey it was really nice hanging out with you, let’s hang out again.” I was like, why is he messaging me? Then my friends told me to check the snaps and I was like”¦ oh my God.

What’s your favorite drink?

KPE: Gin and tonic. [Rob: Sosyal!] I have to be specific, it has to be Nordés gin. *Laughs*

What’s your ideal date?

KPE: Rob’s an athlete and he’s super active but honestly, we’re the laziest people. Netflix and chill is pretty much my ideal date. Not doing anything is great because we’re constantly doing things. It’s nice to just pause and hang out.

Netflix and Chill, what’s your favorite thing to binge on?

KPE: Psycho-thrillers. I love them. I watched The Sinner overnight.

Tell us about your fave date-night look.

KPE: I kind of like the no-makeup makeup look but with a little bit of smoked-out brown liner just to make your eyes a little more sultry. But when you’re long into the relationship, there’s no makeup necessary. Apply concealer in some places and it’s, ugh, whatever. *Laughs*

Can you give us a beauty life hack?

KPE: Don’t overline your lips. As good as it looks in photos, it just looks really bad in person. I’m so sorry about this but every time a makeup artist overlines my lips, I will sneak into the bathroom, wipe it off, and cover it with foundation. You might as well get lip injections.

How do you keep your skin clear?

KPE: I used to be really lazy with my skin. It went through a phase where it was really dry so I invested in my Clarisonic which I use about three times a week. I also drink a lot of water. That’s probably the best beauty advice.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

KPE: Overdone brows. Like”¦ did you use a Sharpie or what? It’s supposed to look hairy and natural, not a drawn-in black line. We’re not cartoons. *Laughs*

What does beauty mean to you?

KPE: As much as I love it, I think it’s about looking in the mirror and loving yourself for everything that you are, even without the makeup.

What is your beauty resolution this 2018?

KPE: My resolution this year is to learn how to use eyeshadow “Ëœcause I suck. I really suck.

If you could change one thing people think about beauty, what would it be?

KPE: I hate how having lighter skin is considered more beautiful in the Philippines. When I was young, I was a lot whiter and every time I got dark, people would call me ugly. I was a rebel since I was a kid so I was like, “ËœF*ck you. Think I’m ugly? Watch me stand under the sun’.

How could the local beauty scene improve?

When you go makeup shopping here, sometimes the darkest shade is my skin tone, and I know there are a lot of Filipinos darker than me so I wish that would change here. I know we promote gluta a lot but I wish they would just let people with dark skin love and embrace it instead of having them feel like shit because they’re not white.

What’s your favorite /ESCAPE?

KPE: My drama-free second home. San Francisco.

From the three year old girl rubbing mini lippies on her face, to the beautiful, thought-provoking woman she is today, Kris Ponce-Enrile has taught us enough to make the world a more beautiful place, both physically and emotionally.


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