Four Places To Bring Your Lowkey Friend on A Date

Four Places To Bring Your Lowkey Friend on A Date

We all have that low-key friend that lies somewhere between complete hermit and “goes out only on Fridays”. They’re pretty much allergic to elaborate, complicated plans, find fine dining terrifying, and are generally lazy to initiate hohol outside the house. A day or night out with them requires presenting a plan that has a good balance between easy and doable enough to pull off, and exciting enough to be worth their while. Basically, you want a place that’s chill with just enough thrill.

Here are a few places you can definitely drag your low-key friend to (who knows–they might like it so much that they’ll be dragging you there next time!):


Mary Grace for Hot Chocolate and Ensaymada

A very tita option, I know. But honestly, Mary Grace hits that sweet spot between familiar and fantastic. The hot chocolate and ensaymada combo is a match made in heaven and their pasta dishes are divine. Plus, the homey feel will keep your low-key friend’s social anxiety at bay.


Manam for a Home-Cooked Meal With a Twist

Speaking of familiar, you can’t go wrong with a home-cooked meal. You can, of course, elevate it to a whole new level of amazing just the way they do in Manam. They turn dishes you would eat on a regular basis and magic them into gourmet wonders. If that doesn’t tickle your tamad friend’s fancy then I don’t know what will.


Satchmi for Coffee and Beats

Another good way to get your low-key friend out of the house is to offer up a unique plan like hiking in the Antarctic or having coffee in a record store. Okay so the second option is a little bit more doable. Satchmi, a record store that doubles as a cafe, allows you to browse records and sip your latte at the same time. You can even sample the records in the store!


The Island for Chillnuman

Your low-key friend is most probs not the type to down five shots of tequila and then grind it up in the club with a stranger. They’re probably the chillnuman type. But if it’s a chill kind of drinking sesh you’re enticing them with, they’ll probably opt to drink at home. BUT if you tempt them out of their holes with the idea of a chillnuman in a nightlife market, then they’ll definitely have a reason to go out. The nice thing about The Island is that there are so many different kinds of stalls, you won’t run out of options when entertaining your low-key friend. Of course, the presence of options will make your friend feel better about being out and about.


Where would you bring your low-key friend? And if you’re the low-key one in the group, where would you want to be dragged to?

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