HIGHLIGHTS: Found Music Festival 2020 From The Perspective of a Witness

HIGHLIGHTS: Found Music Festival 2020 From The Perspective of a Witness

Unbreakable. That’s what Found Music Festival’s ultimate message was for this year’s celebration. 

Unbreakable may be perceived in numerous aspects, but overall, this could definitely be understood as: being able to overcome life’s unpredictable challenges with the understanding that despite how undeniably difficult the journey may be, your courage, bravery, strength, and confidence may be unbreakable only because of the faith that you have found in Christ. 

The author, Trish Terrado

Having said that, I look back at the experience I had on Saturday, February 8, at the Filinvest City Events Grounds where the festival took place. 

If there was one thing that people were expecting to encounter from this event, I would say it was Hope. Hope towards having an unbreakable faith in Christ. 

I don’t get to work behind the camera often, so this experience taught me more than I ever thought it would. It unfolded a different perspective through the lens that I brought with me. 

From the stage where the musicians were playing their hearts out, who just like the guests, came as expectant to find hope — maybe to find a reason to keep pushing forward, to keep making music, to keep fueling their passion through the audience’s response and engagement with them, but for whatever reason, they came hopeful. 

The guests, as the musicians played the songs they were waiting for, would either shout the lyrics out with the brightest smiles on their faces or cry the words out with pain in their eyes. They raised their hands up, jumped like they could reach the sky, danced like no one was watching and knelt and reached out their hands as if they were just clinging onto something. Some of them came by themselves; others with their families, best friends and partners. But they all came expectant and hopeful. 

The other stage consisted of the inspirational speakers: Earl Paolo (Mental Health: Sound Mind in a Crazy World), Andre Lagdameo (Identity: I’m not who I thought I was), Dylan Wilk (Business: Navigating Entrepreneurship as a Christian), and Venus Raj (Creating Connections: REALationships). Moderated by: Steven Chase and Hanniel Fernandez.


It was an incredible session to hear their stories about their testimonies and how they found being unbreakable in Christ. Unbreakable in a sense that even when they were at their lowest, most broken state, what they encountered was the promise our Father had for them. It felt so tangible that it healed them in a way that changed their lives forever. They shared truth, life and love towards the audience who came with uncertainties; who saw that it was fine to be vulnerable and get out of the walls they’ve built around them. 

Another part of the event had art installations – oh it was beautiful. Just how the way it was designed in puzzle pieces, and how each piece represented an artist, very talented artists put together. It represented hopeful artists sharing parts of their journey, a craft they’ve learned to put together from the experiences and lessons they’ve come across. And how the guests took part in it by writing encouraging and hopeful words for the people to see, or maybe even for them to remember. Even kids were happily drawing on the installations, teenagers writing with their friends and laughing about their shared secrets, and lovers holding hands while observing these art pieces. 

All of these I witnessed just through my camera lens. I’ve found a whole new level of respect for life. How the simplest things can bring the brightest smile to someone’s face or seeing hope, pain, hurt, love in someone’s eyes just by observing. 

When you come to think of it though, as I ponder about this experience, I wonder how breathtaking life can be through God’s perspective. I wonder how happy He feels when He sees us laughing, and how much He’d want to comfort us when He sees us breakdown. 

But ultimately, how He wants us to learn that the only unbreakable weapon we can ever have is the faith, trust and love that we can find in Him. And that’s how intentional He is – He sees each one of us, He feels for us, and He, in so many ways more than a human mind can comprehend, loves us. We’ve all been found. 

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